“the idea… wi what has to be said nothing there are no narcotic dispute and charge” the foil sees


All Yeoreot the mouth about the narcotic dispute in which the singer Park spring was seized in the pastPark spring mentioned the narcotic smuggling case of suspicion which attended the new single ‘Spring’ commemoration of sale showcase proceeding p.m. 5 on 13th and became a subject of discussion in 2014 and Park spring was “when it thinks that there is no suspicion” and revealed the position conclusively. Firstly, “it will be the chance in this way and will tell” the rhyme were taken off. After that, it is “at the time check was gotten. When I think that there is no charge,” and because Park spring is due to be the thing which the interrogate didn’t proceed any more. It was about which got the normal prescription and which it takes for medical purpose in the overseas. It was the thing which gets wider in the reason to don’t know the domestic law well and explained. After that, “however, even if it is the work originating from the ignorance, it is sorry to arouse criticism with this case” the head was drooped. The foil in this day showcase scene saw, the agency part a division representative Scott came up on stage and the explanation was supplemented. Scott representative told “it regarded as the problem that had to point out once and pass” “it was about that it is the Edeoreol which shrewd FTA approval which Park spring seed took in the past appears. It is about which it can take as the therapeutics in this shrewd U.S.A”. After that, it told “the foil saw, because of being the thing which didn’t know the fact that is not always taken to me in ‘ Korea and gets wider, in order to it thought to be very sorry and plant, it caused and had been being sorry and the cause telling”. Moreover, the same mistake will not be repeated. Korea was treating constantly about in which it can replace still and it seemed to have to treat more and 1~2 was revealed in the future. “when there is no given words” salty one answered to the dispute which this day Park spring surrounds the whole agency YG entertainment of the Bikbeng member triumph which becomes a subject of discussion and Park spring recently. Meantime, the suspicion which smuggles the Edeoreol in which the amphetamine is included in U.S.A in 2010 and is exposed is known in 2014 and Park spring stops the activity for some time.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747939.htm, 2019/03/13 18:25:24]