The Jang Yoon-Jung-Chinyeong Hong and glad feed back of ‘the filtering agents’


It cannot have the popularity only someone from the first time. ‘the teuroteu filtering agent’ Jang Yoon-Jung participated in the year 1,999 Riverside Song Festival attend the crafty courtier girls’ high school and received the grand prix for the dance music ‘you of my inside’. However, that was sweet. Until causing ’20 shot teuroteu fever’ by ‘oh’ in 2003, Jang Yoon-Jung was the perfect cheesecloth. The secret birth story of ‘oh’ in which It becomes his life tune is famous still. When the Gyeeunsuk which it was planning to call for the first time built the turning down, then this song went to Choo Hyun-Mi. It refused “be like this, the part boils in bubble” after Choo Hyun-Mi tried to listen to the demo tape. Jang Yoon-Jung got only after suffering the humiliation (?) after by 5~6 people including Kim Hyeyeon Song Daegwan, and etc. more. All Heullyeot for three days tear it is upset Jang Yoon-Jung decides to cause ‘oh’ As to He, dreaming of the ballad singer with the university student song contest native the situation which cannot help selecting the teuroteu irrelative of its own will was sad. Just it was due to look like the neglected music genre. The trot has the pop song provisions settling down in the domestic through the translation · adaptation song of Japan enka in the mid 1930’s. Two major mountain ridges of the period of Japanese occupation pop song was taken root with Minyo Shin with the second base adult song. It declined in the time when the standard pop or folk, and etc. reveals the stress since 1960’s. However, the vitality had been being continuously maintained through the new spirit cotton flannel with the modes. It is called for the musical feature of unique 5 musical scales including the vocalism, and etc. with ‘trot’ to break with the auspices K-POP classified from the rap, Ballard, and pop music with the repetitive rhythm. ◆ the great success red dust the soul the teuroteu conversion anecdote of Chinyeong Hong and results of “the song, as to this is the alternative what” was born among 2 daughters of the economist Kumwoo Hong (the current slipway professor) as the one’s second daughter. It comes up to the year 2,005 Seoul, that is the twenty time, and the play is started for 1 year. It debuts into the Braun tube through the next year drama ‘yeongaesomun’. It realized wish through the group that it is Swann challenging the third after the failure No. 2 but after finishing 1 activity, while the agency closed down because of the bankruptcy, He who the girl group singer was the dream was broken up to pieces in the air. The performance activity is resumed such as appearing in ‘the mistake of Ahnna’, that is the corner which After School joining proposal came but it refused due to the negative memory about the group, is based on ‘cider’ till the year 2008, but, etc the singer dream is unable to be after all given up. Instead, give up the dream and declare the extreme makeover as the teuroteu singer. As soon as his debut song ‘the battery of the love’ was announced, the fascination of bouncing chubbily Chinyeong Hong peculiarity was dropping one by one felt and it was rapidly a hit. This song, that is the solo debut song, when being the digital single of Chinyeong Hong got the attention the trot song which Yeongsu Cho who is the Ballard and rhythm and blues professional composer composes for the first time. The breath which Chinyeong Hong is meshed like the debut at the time of Jang Yoon-Jung in the teuroteu conversion has the anecdote. Chinyeong Hong said be with a rush cried when getting the tune for the first time. Originally the owner was the girl group Ssi of this tune. It was trying to put a little bit with 2 album recording songs with the dance music of the teuroteu feel and got to go to Chinyeong Hong. Consequently, ‘the battery of the love’ all Tteot Chinyeong Hong was upset “the song, as to this is the alternative what” at heart ‘the battery of the love’ of ‘oh’ of Jang Yoon-Jung and Chinyeong Hong have the similar shape in that the future doesn’t know the someone. ◆ the Jang Yoon-Jung-Chinyeong Hong and young trot are led and the positioning fans are taking notice as the nationwide popular genre singer on the pass of Jang Yoon-Jung showing recently childbrith immediately after again. The regular album was put on sale in Jang Yoon-Jung at last 12th. ‘time’ ‘the slow train to Mokpo’ back 8 album recording song listens to the evaluation that it realized the expandability of the teuroteu genre which it puts together the previous generation completely and there is. The teuroteu and cross exceeded the Mum baton and tropical among EDM genre, that is the international music trend, and the new energy with was infused. The regular album ‘Lots of Love’ was put on sale previously over on 8th Chinyeong Hong and it came out on the different try. The first regular album title song ‘in the tonight’ (Love Tonight) is gathering the expectancy with ‘the red dust nectocyst nation teuroteu’ after the debut single song ‘the battery of the love’ with the retro Ppung teuroteu song already. The musical attempt which EDM grafting, the sister Sonyeong Hong and ‘surprisingly, the col Labo’ etc. is various stood out to the fans. Jang Yoon-Jung has been lead the young teuroteu in the world of singers and Chinyeong Hong infusing the feel of animation into the teuroteu is the popular singer whose the public acceptance is the biggest. The teuroteu area is spread to the nationwide popular genre and the love which the idol is no less is gotten over middle and old aged people between the young people generations as well as the elders. The world of singers is very energetic with these existences which has been being shared friendlily with the public it is bright through the teuroteu genre and is joyful. The splendid feed back of ‘the teuroteu filtering agents’ is the glad reason.
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