The make earth, today, (13 days) Junyeong Chung and cancellation of a contract (formal)


It revealed that agency make earth entertainment of the singer Junyeong Chung canceled the contract from 13th. The make earth entertainment presented the report material on 13th and revealed “the headquarters of a party judged that contract of the leveling cariopsis could not be any more maintained about this case” “the cancellation of a contract on was agreed with the singer Junyeong Chung contracting with the own company label M on January, 2019 2,019 year from March 13th”. After that, it told “the headquarters of a party will feel the heavy sense about this time situation happening by the position artist. And as when Junyeong Chung will reveal in the written apology, in order to will finish the duty to the end to engage sincerely in the investigation and justice, it will try,”. Junyeong Chung delivered the written apology to the last night make earth. The He “it is shy. The space of magazine for is prayed with the mind feeling guilty and it says greetings” wrote. After that, admit my all crimes in relation with the content that on ” I am being talked. While I didn’t get the agreement, the women was shot and this was spread to SNS chatting room. Even when making that action, there was no large-scale guilty, it acted, it was severly criticized as “***” official indicia and was the proper and immoral action. It was the very rash action and its own charge was admitted. He installed and “the anger is down knelt to all to be the Neu talent and the apology is given to the poor situation to suppress the ladies, appearing in the image who gets to greet the very ugly truth while this case is revealed than what the disappointment and astonishment”. In the meantime, it did “it will alight from all broadcastings which I appeared and corresponding to the crime all show businesses will be stopped. And it will put all ones of me as the official indicia which the steaming is not now down. The lifetime will reflect on my actions which will be unethical and violates law”. This (the) facts constituting a crime of Junyeong Chung was clarified in ‘SBS 8 news’ at last eleventh. ‘SBS 8 news’ opened Junyeong Chung, the acquaintances and conversation and ㅇ informed the sexual intercourse illegal image and circulation fact. It told that ‘SBS 8 news’ decided to reveal the real name after worrying in order to prevent the harm any more.
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