The method in which it deals with “roll” this pureness · essential oil U.S. and rumor


The actor this pureness and essential oil U.S. was enveloped in the rumor by ‘junyeong Chung movie’ relation milt city. It was the fatal controversy as the actress. However, the fans 2 people were relieved directly and the rumor was calmed. This pureness is appreciated for its own twitter at last 12th. However, the text was left was rolled. ” worry rolls the essential oil U.S. around the same day Instagram. It left and ‘ Junyeong Chung video list ‘ rumor was spurned as you “. SBS ‘8 newses’ reported that Junyeong Chung belonging in the Kakaotalk chat room of which the triumph of the group big bang is included induced the illegal photographic image at last eleventh. SBS revealed the real name of “it checked that conversation was not operated. After worrying in order to prevent the damage any more, the real name decided to be revealed” Junyeong Chung. The list without Geungeo roamed after every kind on-line community and SNS, saying that it was the image content celebrity which illegally Junyeong Chung takes a picture. One of which here the name of this pureness and essential oil U.S. belonged This pureness appears on the music video of Junyeong Chung in 2013. There is the relation appeared as Junyeong Chung and virtual couple on MBC variety program ‘we got married’ which it pushes the essential oil. “except for hosting Junyeong Chung and one shooting music video together in 2013, this pureness tells to be the relationship without the private friendship” “the bad rumor, which is being going around through the present every kind community, SNS, and etc. moreover, the fact is not for the thing which there is no in relation with the actor at all” the agency kings entertainment of this pureness presents formal report data on 13thIt revealed. After that, it emphasized to be “the schedule which it collects all SNS which it spreads the detail and it magnifies and reproduces and damage the honor of the actor and personality and posting and comments and it is one and the headquarters of a party deals the water the responsibility squarely based upon the legal proceedings”. Also the agency star camp 202 of the essential oil U.S. presented the same day report material and it told “the actor who belongs to company essential oil U.S. is mentioned in the specific rumor which is being spread around the current on-line community and SNS, messenger, and etc. But this tells altogether clearly to be the groundless”. After that, it revealed, saying that it was “the situation where it is very unpleasant with the groundless rumor even one in which the name of the actor who belongs to company is talked” this to be “the policy which deals the headquarters of a party squarely in connection with this with the legal punishment in case the action damaging the honor of the actor who belongs to company and personality continues”. And the management company added to be “one which it spreads the lie additionally or there is no agreement or any adequate management about the malicious rulers magnifying and reproducing, finds the legal action of civil and criminal”. Like this, the entertainment world is suffering from the illness from fatigue as every kind of rumor by the hidden camera illegality shooting and circulation news. The actresses enveloped in ‘video list’ rumor by the relation of the minute which especially it related to him are the situation where it is suffering the innocent damage. However, confusion, it dealt and the essential oil tail light relieved this fans to be cool.
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