“the more powerful smile installation”.’The Waikiki 2′ character poster opening to the public


The character poster of JTBC new TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘waikiki 2 the Eura car is kicked’ (· Miso Song · pupil tiger lost the script Kihoh Kim · eulogy) was revealed. The Eura car was kicked and the actor Sonhoh Kim, this second watch of night, Hyunsu Shin, Mun Gayeong, Ansohui, and character of Yaewon Kim Waikiki 2 ‘ (under ‘ Waikiki 2’) revealed well the dirty poster on 13th. As much as comic synergy where it is not to be ordinary is notified in advance, the hot rolling of ‘waikiki’ youths is expected. Draw the friendship of the youths flocking into the Waikiki 2 ‘guesthouse’ Waikiki ‘ and love and electric conduction for the dream jollily. The luck of the day judged from the first sale of the leejunki (EE Jjeum) who is Kko extends the last season university alumni to the high school schoolmate chau equation (sonhoh Kim) and national flag Bong (hyunsu Shin) this time. It advances into ‘waikiki’ which it is unable to break away from the crisis in which it will go broke still till the trick kite (the Mun Gayeong), Kim (ansohui), and windshield (yaewon Kim) and the period of survival of the youths without the counterplan starts. Sonhoh Kim undertook the fastidious man chau limen in ‘waikiki 2’ when being the singer aspirant of the cheesecloth rock from. The chau type did with the Idol group till the splendid debut. However, presently, it is the economic singer that dreams of the comeback and wanders the wedding ceremony celebrating song, and etc. from the housewife song classroom. The Waikiki ‘the formal smile’ cheat key ‘ this second watch of night returns to the economic actor leejunki who is more brazen-faced and the counterplan disappears after the season 1. The national flag Bong role which Hyunsu Shin ins charge of got the hundreds of millions earnest with the baseball genius that was the high school days expected much and it joined the professional sports team. However, it is the baseball player wandering the group 2 with the shoulder injury. The Mun Gayeong undertook the role opening the first love trick of ‘waikiki’ youths which the eccentric is full. One wet sanding is the child doing not know the world affairs which there is no lacking one, grows. The person equipping the patience zero and triple combo which induces the zero and sigh of the sense zero it comes The thrifty lady part time work king Kim role which Ahn ox which faced the mishap which the wedding ceremony day is sudden and it advanced into ‘waikiki’ which as in doom the high school schoolmates are managing, which it returns to the drama in the year 3 is white was undertaken. Jong-Eun is department of Theater and Film synchronism interest of leejunki and his long ‘the lady raises’ (the shortened word of the woman friend) among the pole. Yaewon Kim undertook the highest predation ja windshield role of ‘waikiki’. The windshield is the people who works as the hotel kitchen cook and gets to turn resignation and come into the guesthouse ‘waikiki’ where there is the brother chau type. The Waikiki 2′ production crew expected the synergy of the strong acting ability and the youth corps lumping solidly with the personality and deep told, saying that it was to present the smile in which the aspects of the youths struggling hard for ” I the dream is joyful and sympathy. It is broadcasted on the coming 25th at 9:30 p.m. for the first time.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747865.htm, 2019/03/13 10:39:05]