The Ochohui and drawing a line “it is really not” in ‘junyeong Chung movie dispute’


The actor Ochohui expressed the inconvenience to the bad rumor. The writing revealing the position about the controversy enveloped recently with the puppy picture was uploaded on 13th Instagram which Oh vinegar is white. Know really Oh vinegar is white. It denied strongly, saying that it was the whole irrelevant thing. After that, it will don’t know whether the several contacts against were hit ” today from the morning so far. It is the work which has to understand the man learning the word which the senior installs. Roll to hit much against the hurt. All told worrying to the neighbor thank. Finally, the hash tag was added. It was harassed with the bad rumor related to the dispute of Junyeong Chung hit against recently, the sexual intercourse illegal imaging and circulation suspicion which Oh vinegar is white. Confusion, it gets involved in the dispute of which the back is the same and this is strongly denied in the actor five kinds of flaccidity in infants besides this day Ochohui. Meantime, the Seoul Police Agency’s Metropolitan Investigation Team is the condition where it books Junyeong Chung, and etc. on the exemption law suspicion of violation including the punishment of the sexual assault, and etc.
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