The police, today, (13 days) Junyeong Chung cellular phone repair enterprise seize and search


In the private forensic company the police investigate the sexual intercourse movie illegal shooting of the sexual entertainment suspicion of the big bang victory and singer Junyeong Chung and circulation charge began on the private forensic company seize and search taking care of the cellular phone repair of Junyeong Chung in the past, which like this, 13 days Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency metropolitan investigation team reveals and which it is located in the Seoul Gangnam to the half an hour this day at 11 a.m. About 10 criminal investigator was mobilized and seize and search were explained as the progress middle. The Kakaotalk conversation of the victory saw through the forensic course of the concerned enterprise as restored one and the police started the investigation with the beginning of this adverse criticism. The police is hosting seize and search in relation with the Kakaotalk talk which It becomes the beginning of the sexual entertainment and illegal photographing product suspicion for the security of evidence including original data, and etc.
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