The team is seen and it goes and the Enson Chung whole everyone and ‘the alley restaurant of Baek Chongwon’ MC is set in concrete.


The actor Enson Chung was decided as SBS ‘the alley restaurant of Baek Chongwon’ new MC. Like this, SBS explained on 13th that it revealed and Enson Chung kept time after Boa Cho with Baek Chongwon and Kim Sungchoo and the program was led. It plays an active part as ‘the boomup personnel’ and Enson Chung made the relation in ‘the alley restaurant of Baek Chongwon’ Incheon Sinpo marketplace man mole chapter along with the actor Kim Min Gyo previously. The cooking and serving was completely accomplished with the quickness and affirmation energy having fast feet and Enson Chung is good at watched Baek Chongwon at that time. It would like to praise and admires. As much as it was the first time, actually as to one, in which Enson Chung ins charge of the variety program fixing MC the viewers could watch the different attitudes of Enson Chung. Because of being loved for the start-stop agar ‘Maeosyullaeng’ character who is the whole MC, as to Enson Chung, the expectancy is any kind of activity collected if it is the steps. The belief about the new MC Enson Chung was expressed, saying that PD making the pennae which in charge is of direction was “one that as for the straightforward personality of Enson Chung and fascination the new tonic becomes to the alley restaurant ‘ of ‘ Baek Chongwon loveable”. Enson Chung figures out Baek Chongwon and Kim Sungchoo and MC breathing from the photographing part to proceed after ‘geoje the chapter’. And it is planning to meet with the audiences on April. In the meantime, ‘baek Chongwon table Geoje kimbap’ utilizing Kojedo regional product is revealed in broadcasted ‘the alley restaurant of Baek Chongwon’. Broadcast at 10 past 11 tonight.
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