Till the triumph retirement · Junyeong Chung hidden camera from the assault incident cut the burning


The imagination was poor at someone that assault incident of one club aroused the big stir in this way. Till the narcotic from the adhesion relationship of the club and police and illegal shooting of the retirement of the sex offense and triumph and Junyeong Chung It was the tragedy begining with the club burning sun confronted by catastrophe. All sorts of crimes which one and two Ssik are uncovered over the long time The case was settled from the assault incident cut the club burning till the illegal shooting of Junyeong Chung and circulation according to the per day. ▶ At November 24th in 2018, the case, beginning last year on November 24th, the assault incident occurrence to six o’clocks of dawn The insistence rather the police arrested me for the flagrant offense it reported the mob violence was suffered by the security guards whom Kim chops the burningThe police ” Kim caused a scare and it arrested for the work disturbance. It is investigating farely altogether with the suspect with the charge including Kim and on Chang mutual violence, and etc. in the book and anti-organized crime unit, check CCTV image cutting “the director inside company resignation victory mother Kang ▶ chops 24 days victory and burning on January, 2019 and thank resignation which it cuts the burning ▶, at January 28th in 2019, the publicization start MBC ‘ News desk ‘ and Kim Ssi event report ‘ News desk ‘” burning. The of about the adhesion relationship of the investigation middle ” club with the charge against sexual harassment of Kim who it saw, CCTV of which one or two, as to the Ani “kim” police and situation are contained that understanding doesn’t go to the police correspondence doesn’t check, it reports to come out like the earth and be investigated and is investigating “police” ‘the assault incident cut the burning’ due to the both parties violence, and gets wider in the club and policeThe voice of the lead becomes louder. ▶ it was in YG Yang Hyun-Suk, situation Balpeo both seat ” victory, and day of the accident site on January 31st until 3 o’clock in the early morning. The case can take place at early morning 6 o’clock. The reason for resignation cut the triumph burning? Ani, that is “▶, on February 2nd, the victory, directly, the day row everyone victory” parenchym, it observes the statute on the millitary service it approaches as the active service joining the army 3-4 month. Take out in the customer and between employees both parties violence employee. One “the representative cutting the burning with ▶ on February 4th” victory and NO correlation ” burning which it loses if there is the thing which it will take the responsibility as the director inside companyChang executive director, immediately, the resignation measure the seriousness of the cut representative this gate ” case is recognized One. Which deeply regrets on this case and properly is punishedThe public relation request the triumph and advertising effect of are taken care The intervention in the operation and management, cut the burning not, the injury.”▶ the sex offense cut the burning and case which it commits the women target sex offense after mixing with the liquor and dosing up with the adhesion relationship application posting publisher ” drug happens often on February 9th. Because of being the daily work to the employees in club, it overlooks all. This gate cutting the burning on February 13th with the adhesion relationship formation “▶ it is not it investigates in the club by the police it gives a large sum of bribe Summon and investigate on Moonhoh Lee representative cutting the representative summon Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency metropolitan investigation team and burning and Mao Ssi witness position dying out the business. The hair and investigation by police with the temporary inspection proceeding MBC “the drug presumed as the narcotic is recommended for the customers at Chinese staff child or the burning sun” ▶2 the month 16 the day the ~17 child about the urine or child who the investigation by police burning sun receives the sale of narcotics suspicion or social position of the accused The drug investigation inrush ▶ against the club in Gangnam overall/propagate including the police, trouble or the living quarter searching, on February 22nd, the veil of the burning sun the Beot chaff Jidda foil farewell husband baby-sitter Ssi The fact that the Yuriholdingseu joint representative does with the wi can be known. Be known that Yuriholdingseu company name and Ri of the one’s real name two wins string of Yoo of Mr.Yoo and triumph are gotten and it loses. The investigation which the Hanbyeol Park “do not know the people husband private life and detailed inside facts” ▶ chops the burning on February 24th, case cut the Kangnam police station → Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency maniac Veterinary Medicine burning, and Neomgyeojyeo Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency “one which it transfers in order to mortgage the fairness of the investigation and reliability considering the seriousness of the case” ▶ with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency metropolitan investigation team in the Kangnam police station, on February 26th, the triumph and sexual entertainment cacaoFinish on all suspicions investigation surrounding the triumph and police the voluntary appearance triumph ” I pat on February 27th with the opening to the public SBS FunE “the triumph, at the end of 2015, the sexual entertainment to the foreign investor” report YG entertainment “the corresponding article according to the results of the verification of the applicant in person was composed of the operated text message and the fact is not” denial ▶. The circle Ha in the part like the narcotic the Drug Investigation DivisionDo all actions. One.” which it runs out the best so that all suspicions can be uncovered quickly and takes the investigation▶ On February 28th, YG “the triumph all activity total suspensions” YG” victory and March 9 days and 10 days osakas on 17th Djakarta concert and all schedule total suspensions The plan to positively been cooperating in all investigations of police to proceed in the future “▶, on March 8th, the victory enlistment news victory and omission.3 month 25 day army in the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency obliged police selective examination Book the enlistment to active service schedule news ▶ on the suspect on the wi and arrangement of prostitution suspicion in relation with the book light Veterinary Medicine and wi Maemae Seol good offices consultation March 9th. The announcement of retirement triumph ” would better retire from the entertainment world from the Allyeojyeo triumph and Instagram from the point of time on March 11th in fact with the police “the progress of criminal investigation figure 3~4 people appearing in the Kakaotalk conversation that the sexual entertainment suspicion is contained books” ▶ with the triumph announcement of retirement & Junyeong Chung illegality shooting. The issue causing the social public criticism is very big and the entertainment world retirement is reported that determination “‘ SBS 8 news ‘ and Junyeong Chung induced the illegal photographic image. Junyeong Chung agency ‘refuse to answer’ ▶, on March 12th, Junyeong Chung and Junyeong Chung whom it was taking a picture of the TvN variety program ‘the Meokhikka 3 in the field’ in the Gwigungmi bureau hurriedly Korea, hurriedly, the homecoming ‘the Jjan in tour’ ‘1 night 2 day’ getting off crystal.’The Meokhikka 3′ whole edit decision in the field
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