‘troubadour’ transfer of registration comes back as ‘the trace Part 2’ in just 15 months.


The new musical composition is announced and the singer transfer of registration comes back in just 15 months. On 13th, like this, the agency music is sold, it explained to open 22 days (gold) album ‘the trace Part 2’ which revealed and which the transfer comes. It is the new musical composition after 15 about one month last December 2017 since announcing ‘the trace Part 1’. The transfer communicated the issue news with the fans through SNS of this day I. The agency told that folk song ‘number’ beautiful of 2 tunes and ‘of all things’ was included in ‘the trace Part 2’ of the transfer of registration. ‘the trace Part 2’ of the transfer of registration is the evaluation that it shows the folk of the compensation and folk grammar of the new age. When the transfer sang the pain of the love, it added to be different from this someone always. The expectancy of the fans is rising in this ‘the trace Part 2’ of transfer of registration developed into the musician of the unique in the interior coming and going the grand theater and depolarization field.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747905.htm, 2019/03/13 15:03:46]