“any kind of crime?” 女 actors that avoid due to Junyeong Chung and see


The thing which there is no ” bad rumor in relation with the actor It is the policy which it will deal squarely with the legal punishment. In the actor confusion the essential oil U.S. five kinds of flaccidity in infants, it is the position which the agency including the Ochohui, and etc. reveals on 13th. The name of the innocent female entertainers was due to be talked while the singer Junyeong Chung video scandal rose previously. One getting involved in the unexpected rumor was half-witted and these saw the secondary damage to the image damage and it was in the regrettable situation. The milt city called as 1 ‘junyeong Chung video list’ roamed in on-line community and SNS at last 12th. Here, the name including the Ochohui, and etc. belonged in the essential oil beauty and five kinds of flaccidity in infants. Just this spread to many these like one, that is the fact. After that, the short writing called on 12th “roll” pushed this pureness and essential oil was left directly and the fans were relieved. However, the widening the video list of the problem spread. The damage to image about these was serious. The agency kings entertainment of after this pureness presented the report material this day in the morning and told “the bad rumor, which is being going around through the present every kind community, SNS, and etc. moreover, it emphasizes that fact is not for the thing which there is no in relation with the actor at all”. After that, it revealed to be “the plan which positively tries so that the additional damage doesn’t may happen to proceed with the powerful legal action without the adequate management for the protection of actor who belongs to company”. It revealed the agency star camp 202 degree this day “it tells altogether clearly to be the groundless” of the essential oil U.S. After that, it could be said to be “the policy which deals the headquarters of a party squarely in connection with this with the legal punishment in case the action damaging the honor of the actor who belongs to company and personality continues”, saying that it was “the situation where it is very unpleasant with the groundless rumor even one in which the name of the actor who belongs to company is talked” this. With the preparation of the rumor which the agency Celltrion entertainment in five kinds of flaccidity in infants is not and confirmed in this day formal facebook, saying that it is “the situation where the headquarters of a party actor who belongs to company related content that it is circulating is worried about the defamation serious of the actor by the rumor without Geungeo at all by the indiscriminate expansion of the lie” this, notice, and collection of evidence about the diffuser and legal action It informed to would find all means for protecting the rights and interests of the actor who belongs to company. It is really not in its own SNS which Oh vinegar is white. I am the irrelevant thing. It was the words ‘the work which has to understand the learning man’ that it will don’t know whether it hit against the several contacts from this morning so far, “***” senior installs the person and worrying all thanked and told. Besides, the agency part most entertainment of Geehyang Kim keeping time in the music video built the view. The agency could be said to be “the content reveals in the headquarters of a party actor relation milt which is being going around through on-line messenger and SNS, and etc. to be the false malignancies rumor in which the fact is not” “one which when the action damaging the honor of the actor and personality continues, there is no any agreement or adequate management, it deals squarely through civil and criminal legal action”. This (the) facts constituting a crime of Junyeong Chung was clarified in ‘SBS 8 news’ at last eleventh. ‘SBS 8 news’ opened Junyeong Chung, the acquaintances and conversation and ㅇ informed the sexual intercourse illegal image and circulation fact. It told that ‘SBS 8 news’ decided to reveal the real name after worrying in order to prevent the harm more. The entertainment world is suffering from the illness from fatigue due to every kind of rumor with Junyeong Chung video list. The actresses enveloped in ‘video list’ rumor by the relation of the minute which especially it related to him are seeing the innocent damage. Junyeong Chung delivered the written apology to the agency make earth at night on the last 13th. He acknowledges my all crimes in relation with the content that on ” I am being talked. While I didn’t get the agreement, the women was shot and this was spread to SNS chatting room. Even when making that action, there was no large-scale guilty, it acted, it was severly criticized as “***” official indicia and was the proper and immoral action. It was the very rash action and its own charge was admitted. After that, it did “kneel down the anger to all to be the Neu talent and give the apology to the situation which it is poor to suppress the ladies, appearing in the image who gets to greet the very ugly truth while this case is revealed than what the disappointment and astonishment”. In the meantime, it added “it will alight from all broadcastings which I appeared and corresponding to the crime all show businesses will be stopped. And it will put all ones of me as the official indicia which the steaming is not now down. The lifetime will reflect on my actions which will be unethical and violates law”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747943.htm, 2019/03/14 00:00:05]