‘being reliable’ which is ‘the sincerity arrives’ Donguk Lee and induction better and which it captivates


It carries ‘the sincerity arrives’ Donguk Lee I girlfriend induction it controlled till the stoker. In the TvN TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the sincerity arrives’ (the script Imyeongsuk · Choeborim and direction Bakjun) 11 time broadcasted at last 13th, the aspects of the Kwon Jeong rock (the Donguk Lee) protecting the Chinshim Oh (in the stage name Oh gloss, be the induction better and be resentful) from (gyeonwoo Kim) given the stoker detach and drop was drawn. Chinshim Oh told the truth of the past narcotic scandal tied with Igangjun to the Kwon Jeong rock. It was him the extensive reading saying that the Kwon Jeong rock will be happily done than the someone. Because of overcoming with the Kwon Jeong rock, the dirty dust Sim pledged and hardened. However, continuously Igangjun put a pressure of Chinshim Oh. The within, alone, all Heullyeot the tear it turned back it told conclusively it became Chinshim Oh didn’t do this drama to him not Igangjun was made the drama investor whom Chinshim Oh would like to appear didn’t cast Chinshim Oh After that, chinshim Oh found the Kwon Jeong rock with the client identity. Chinshim Oh handed over every kind threat letters and photoes which Igangjun made to the Kwon Jeong rock. However, chinshim Oh who hits against the seeing off of the Kwon Jeong rock and whom it joins the home clank the Igangjun invading the home. Igangjun shouted, saying that it told to love me to Chinshim Oh. After throwing a punch and bringing him under control, the Kwon Jeong rock on was warned as “it doesn’t strike my woman”. The possibility that it is implicated in the Chung Geehoh case where Igangjun is getting the gambling trip charge of the number 100 million won part among these is revealed and the interest is collected. The fact that the lawyer of the case of drugs given detach and drop and Chung Geehoh case is the same is uncovered 2 years ago. The curiosity is risen for the development to. The drama 12 is broadcasted p.m. 9 on 14th in 30 minutes.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747963.htm, 2019/03/14 09:36:23]