‘comeback in 4 years’ Park spring and netizen ‘the cheer dam water’


The wave of the cheer toward He is continued while the singer Park spring comes back. Park spring announced the new single ‘Spring’ on 13th and returned to the world of singers. As to the title song ‘spring’, the singer sandara Park who the brave brother ind charge of the producing and who was together active as the group two Annie circle (2NE1) took part in the featuring. The fact that there is the charge which smuggled the Edeoreol in which the amphetamine is included in 2010 in U.S.A and is exposed was known and in 2014, Park spring stopped the activity. It appeared surprisingly in the Mnet ‘MAMA’ in 2015 and the stage was opened but thereafter, the particular activity was unable to be engaged before this ‘Spring’ issue. However, it is him who it was active as two Annie circle at one time and clapped ‘Fire’ ‘I Don’ T Care’ ‘Can’t Nobody’ ‘ and announced ‘Go Away’ ‘I Love You’ back majority hit song and stood by the girl group normal seat. Therefore, the netizen is making the expectancy and cheer. In this day on-line community and Portal site, neverthless the voice is constant. Root. (koko****) Nam “eagerly, the streaming middle or the spring” (m m3****) ” song is listened Two Annie circle would like to be seen. This days missed, ” (ssnw****) was seen, the sister and song waited. The fighting ” (teng****) ” foil is seen, it cheers up. The foil seeing to it would better be continuously active, root for ” (rjsg****). The fighting ” (wnal****) ” foil is seen, the comeback is congratulated. Also it is Park spring. The song is so good. It will root, ” (yeon****) back comment ran. However, there are the netizens making the eyes which is not reliable. Haenya why it smuggles “then, have just treated at U.S.A” (mint****) “it is Korean, the Korean law takes care of you” (orla****) ” domestic law was done not know It could bring grandly, ” (rock****) “the high place doesn’t write down the man” (yhj8****) the back comment was run. Meantime, start Park spring the active working with the new single ‘Spring’ and title song ‘spring’ announced on 13th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747952.htm, 2019/03/14 00:00:06]