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Till the heroes who it holds up the qualifier that 3 actors are ‘supervision’ this year and they come around, put out the first supervision debut works from the star who participated in the production including the short movie, play, and etc. so far and brought the interest to the cultural content development constantly in 2019 It gathered in the stars that were not limited to one kind field and spread the various talents. ◆ Kim gloss seat “… electric conduction it is the age which 50 is over” actor Kim gloss seat, recently, all Chireun the hazing with the movie directorThe movie ‘minority’, that is coming 4 month prearrangements of release, is looking forward with the first directed bies of Yoonseok Kim director. Kim gloss seat attending ‘minority’ production briefing session which previously over 13th begins revealed “the idea that it would like to do always the directing for film was being done” “late there is. However, it seems to do well to challenge” the direction impression. Kim gloss seat explained about the movie “the young authors and directors got together on the past and the play of 5 works had been announced with the omnibus form” “the among them one art was ‘ minority ‘. It was born about scenario work between 2~3 through the scenario revision in 1”. ◆ ‘accidentally, the marriage’ production even actor my humble mind mistake started the directing for film from my humble mind mistake and ‘roller coaster’ director than Kim gloss seat in advance. Yoonseok Kim supervision mentioned my humble mind mistake in ‘minority’ production briefing session previously and it confessed “it was difficult to cost the direction and acting simultaneously” “my humble mind mistake got to be respected”. My humble mind mistake released solder heartburnings comedy movie ‘roller coaster’ (2013) in 2013 and debutted as the director and produced the feature length film of 2 volumes till the movie ‘samgwan Huh’ (2014). My humble mind mistake is preparing the third direction movie. Scoop up the k and be among the scenario work with the movie genre. My humble mind mistake is preparing the movie ‘the trade rub’ in charge of the manufacture even of the planning recently. The shooting is finished and the unsealing is being prepared. ◆ there is Woosung Chung and ‘the steady interest headed for the culture content’ actor Woosung Chung with the long work commercial movie director before the debut this year. Woosung Chung appears on the starring movie ‘witness’ (the supervision one’s departure from Korea) ‘the animals that would like to catch the straw up to’ (the supervision Kimyung Korean translation of Chinese character) of 2 volumes in 2018 and it makes debut with the director and it is planning to engage the active activity. As to the prearrangement of release work, woosung Chung takes part as the quadrupole action genre setting in the Joseon Dynasty to the direction as the starring. Woosung Chung had been being the steady interest on the overall popular culture art contents the steps so far. The short movie ‘the old people of the front of the killer’ was produced in 2014 and the melo movie ‘it rolls to forget me’ opened the Gaeun Hae was planned and it made and took charge till the starring.
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