‘SBS 8 news’ “CNBLUE this Jong-hyun and one people among Junyeong Chung chatting room”


It revealed that additional report related to the organization chatting room of the acquaintances including Junyeong Chung and victory, and etc. was delivered in ‘SBS 8 news’ which the day is broadcasted with 14 and ‘SBS 8 news’ pointed out CNBLUE in group this Jong-hyun as one people among the person who is together in the organization chatting room of Junyeong Chung, this Jong-hyun of CNBLUE participated in the chatting room. The SBS 8 news ‘ received the image through the organization and personal chatting room and told. The woman passes over this Jong-hyun according to the revealed chatting room quickly. Who does give in X “junyeong Chung it told” like O? It gave an answer. This Jong-hyun told in being “X in which the brother is just beautiful if he is not good if there is *** and there is no”. In this regard, his agency FNC entertainment denied at SBS “when this Jong-hyun shares the illegal photographing product and the improper talk is done not have one”. Additionally, the suspicion that the lawyer of charged Junyeong Chung submitted the false written opinion in order to hide the evidence was reported as the hidden camera shooting from one women in 2016. At last 12th, FNC entertainment did on dispute “it was the between which gets into communication because there was the acquaintance with the pertinent performers evoke much criticism. This case and connection reveals the none clearly” related to this Jong-hyun. In the meantime, it denied “this Jong-hyun was the relationship which made contact with Junyeong Chung long ago and in which it stays but is unconnected with this case”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748073.htm, 2019/03/14 22:00:34]