‘solo in 8 years’ Park spring and 5 music chart, 1…’2. the spring ‘ beginning


The green light was turned on in the return of the singer Park spring. The new solo album ‘the Spring’ title song ‘ spring (Feat of Park spring released on 13th The sandara Park)’ lost the standard bucks a.m. 8 on 14th. The sandara Park)’ rose to the first in orle, sound sea, and m.net real-time music chart and recorded the second in Melon. Therefore, it acceded to the first place of sound source rank after ‘the money cry (DON’T CRY)’ which it announces last April 2011 as the solo singer in 8 years. The foil sees, the agency part a division would like to give of the story that it is once again thankful to the fans who present the report material on 14th and who ” Park spring waits for me for a long time. It worried and in this way, my song was much granted and it thanked, Park spring doing the song making the mind many of the people cry continuously will change into the front of ‘1 impression was revealed. And’ and it told and told. ‘spring’ was the brother who the head of the breve entertainment is brave with the acoustic in which it does the pop-based groove and tune in which the rhythmical Gachangbeop of Park spring stands out born as the producer Chakkun and group work of the red cookies as the tip of a writing brush. Sandara Park who was together active as two Annie circle participated by the featuring. Meantime, Park spring is planning to open the comeback performance in the Mnet ‘M countdown’ broadcasted in the afternoon on 14th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747973.htm, 2019/03/14 10:39:29]