The bulletproof Boy Scouts and new musical composition stage first opening to the public… in U.S. ‘SNL’, also, the world ‘★’


The group bulletproof Boy Scouts has the new musical composition announcement stage with the first in the world in U.S.A broadcasting programme ‘the Saturday Night Live (under SNL)’ and the return is informed before. SNL’ appeared on April 13th broadcasting which the bulletproof Boy Scouts comes on 13 days (local time) formal SNS channel. The new album ‘MAP OF THE SOUL in the bulletproof Boy Scouts this day ‘SNL’: Open the new musical composition stage of the PERSONA’ to the whole first in the world. ‘SNL’ pity ” bulletproof Boy Scouts appears as the musical guest. The new album ‘MAP OF THE SOUL of the bulletproof Boy Scouts: PERSONA ‘it approaches’ LOVE YOURSELF: It was released prior to SPEAK YOURSELF’ tour on April 12th and told. In this day broadcasting, the actor Emma Stone (Emma Stone) appears as the host. ‘SNL’ is one among the popularity longest life program in which the international stars appear as the weekend comedy Syo broadcast live on American NBC broadcast and which plays role of the host or which plays the stage performance and which has the comic role and political satire. Therefore, the sense of presence of the global star coming the whole world back as the stage after ‘2,018 U.S.A Billboard music award’ world Premier which is held in American Las vegas till ‘SNL’ appearance on the stage was shown at May last year. On April 12th new album ‘MAP OF THE SOUL which meantime the bulletproof Boy Scouts comes: The global same time brings out PERSONA’.
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