‘the Gogobe hemp cloth’ of the smallpox nothing that drives ‘the end = beginning’… spring and comes back (synthesis)


“the end was the beginning soon. When coloring ‘ white canvas together, then the meaning was included in the project last album and it came back.”The girl group smallpox nothing drove the cold snap the finished and cheerful fragrance of spring and it came back, the ninth mini album ‘White Wind’ commemoration of sale showcase of smallpox nothing opened with 14 with the day in the Seoul City Mapo-gu Seokyo-dong Hongik University move hall at 2 p.m. All Nanwot the talk about the album this Jiae announcer and takes care of the progress by smallpox nothing member door, solar, Hwi phosphorus, and luxurious which attend in this day eventAfter that, ‘RED MOON’ and ‘BLUE the successful gunport is opened with the first album ‘Yellow Flower’ of the last spring ‘the cannonade season cannonade color project’; The smallpox nothing getting the love which is large in the overseas as well as the domestic as S’ The project last album of the smallpox nothing coming back as the concept borrowing the symbolic color of every album each members is ‘White Wind’. The white and wind, that is the Hwi humanity and justice symbol, was added and it was completed. Because of coming back to the album ‘White Wind’ which decorates about, in 1 year, project last after starting with ‘Yellow Flower’ brought out at March last year, as to of the meaning this activity is deep to the members. The solar was much difficult because of releasing the album of your Jang for “1 year constantly. It explained that if the activity was once finished, the next activity had to be and directly prepared, “it confesses” was thought however now, many memories could be made and it was a pity and was feel relieved but sorry. “‘ for each ‘ of the night of which the first album title song ‘ star shines was the keyword notifying me who is the next typ in advance” by door explained. After that, it confessed “‘ Gogobe hemp cloth ‘, that is the last curve, is announced in this. And because there is the number to reveal these polylines of meanwhile and it comes clean”. It was this startled all of a sudden till the listening Hwi phosphorus and told “I realized this meaning now”. As to the Gogobe hemp cloth ‘, dohun Kim generalization producer creating the always new concept of the smallpox nothing ind charge of the composition. Express the cheerful aspects of the smallpox nothing which doesn’t clinging to the love and works which compose the housekeeping called ‘also the girl hemp cloth mistake I birds’ of the tune called ‘astro-Ganga’ of Geonmao Kim bringing out and melody with the motive in 2001 and which it passes and which it is enjoying joyfully. Moreover the tune can take notice of the housekeeping and melody. By door and Hwi phosphorus told “the many choreographings had never entered one tune in this way”, saying that he was “the group dancing which the smallpox nothing tries for the first time”. It revealed the solar, moreover, “if it will be the tune which becomes more and more till the fun which it sees in the listened fun including the choreographing, it will bite the finger or speaks by signs and etc., this activity will be well watched and it will give, it will thank”. The dancing of the part called ‘with the first base, the first base and first base’ was pointed out as ‘the Gogobe hemp cloth’ appreciation point and the luxurious was explained “it is the dancing goes which to enjoy together right now and which it entices”. ‘the pony tail dance’ raising the hair to the grade in addition to was pointed out and it added “the choreographing of 2 parts will be carefully watched and it would better connive”. By door pointed out the housekeeping called ‘nine slash six, six ninteen’ as the appreciation point and told “the debut one person on June 19th of the smallpox nothing was melted up in the housekeeping” “after all, it is ‘6/9’ if ‘9/6’ is turned over. Therefore, it is altogether the same as the Damanaeneu one and our beginning and end is liked”. It is called as the Gogobe hemp cloth ‘already, between the fans the teaser is previously revealed’ fire gold (the burning Friday) leaving one’s office eulogy ‘. The reason it is the tune of which the vitality which it is bright it is the same as the naughty boy of the smallpox nothing peculiarity overflows The fans moreover, it is the atmosphere welcoming this new musical composition concept. The solar “‘ you salted turb ‘ ‘Wind Flower’ was announced in the night which had been proceeding with ‘ cannonade season cannonade color project ‘ so far and when by ‘ shines. If why it is likely to speak always in ‘ sound OR example ‘ I, the fans asked when how on earth, the same bright tune comes out” “A’s opinion was accepted and it was bright and cheerful ‘ Gogobe hemp cloth ‘ was brought”The high selecting title song reason was revealed. ‘the Gogobe hemp cloth’ which the smallpox nothing will announce in the corner in which the spring comes is revealed to every kind sound source site p.m. 6 on 14th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748033.htm, 2019/03/14 16:39:52]