‘the sarcoma fighting against a disease’ Kim Yeonghoh ” operation, well, after all. One ” to be overcome the anticancer therapy


The fact that the actor Kim Yeonghoh (52) is struggling against a disease with the sarcoma was known far later. Kim Yeonghoh spoke to TV report in the morning on 14th to be “one which also it was really much surprised at the unexpected diagnostic for cancer news, however, it is eagerly treated and it overcomes”. He, at last 13th, all Bahyeot “the really many men worried together and it attempted and the operation ended well safely” in its own Instagram the sarcoma operation fact He thanks really “the hard fight will be made in the future but this cheer will not be forgotten now”. This mind readying to cry for me #Hospital# it left the fighting against a disease # operation # cheer # pray “. Kim Yeonghoh got the sarcoma diagnosis one month ago. He is getting the appearing malicious tumorectomy with the thigh and presently, the anti-cancer is being treated. The sarcoma is the cancer occurring in the muscles, bone, blood vessel, and connective tissue except the stomach agency including cartilage, and etc. Kim Hyechin who is the colleague actor published the photograph of Kim Yeonghoh in its own SNS. He told “it flew to the malignant tumor such as one shot. The operation was well safely finished” “in order to fight easily and win the remained anticancer therapy, it roots”. Meantime, Kim Yeonghoh made debut as the movie ‘Yangeun Tae Eopda’ (the supervision Sungsu Kim) in 1999. It appeared in the drama ‘Rustic age’ ’empress’ ‘syucheu’ etc.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748013.htm, 2019/03/14 14:06:21]