‘the sexual entertainment suspicion’ triumph and police attendance “one investigated for the truthful answer”


The singer triumph (29· two wins string) of the group big bang from evoking much criticism with the sexual entertainment suspicion attended the police. It was the Jongno in Seoul p.m. 2 on 14th and attended the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and the victory was said in “hang once again head to all that is hurt and damaged and apologize” “it would better participate sincerely in the investigation with the truthful answer than I ask to any kind of words” the front of the group of reporters. He who wore the navy stripe suit and shows, as to the head drooped deeply. The wi uses the club in Gangnam as every kind lobby place. The charge that the castle entertained with the investors against is hit. The assault incident the triumph happening in the club burning sun stayed the director inside company is the starting point of this adverse criticism at November last year. The police discovered the problem including the narcotic, sexual violence, sexual entertainment, police adhesion relationship, and etc. while investigating the assault incident prior to. The case was expanded. Its own Instagram “the entertainment world from would better be retired from the point of time” “when the issue causing the social public criticism was very big and the entertainment world retirement was determined” the retirement the triumph were declared at last eleventh. The agency YG entertainment (under YG) of after victory presented the report material at last 13th and told “YG is admitted as the artist management agency to is unable to manage thoroughly little more. It deeply is regretting”, saying that the agency YG entertainment (under YG) of after victory was “the request of the victory was accepted and YG decided to conclude the exclusive contract after the position of retirement announcement of the victory”. 50 minutes of mid-day the Yuriholdingseu baby-sitter Ssi expected at 10 o’clock a.m. originally 3 o’clock attended in advance and the investigation was known to be taken and there is known to be previously Junyeong Chung.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748021.htm, 2019/03/14 14:28:57]