The shaking eyes and Junyeong Chung whom it hangs head


The singer Junyeong Chung (30) cause the sexual intercourse movie illegal shooting · circulation adverse criticism is attending the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency metropolitan investigation team in the morning on 14th. Junyeong Chung attending as the social position of the accused is getting the charge spreading the doubtful sexual intercourse video as one shot the illegal in the Kakaotalk room, and etc. where there is with the wi. The images which Junyeong Chung uploads were not most likely to find the motion of the opponent and is the police is the policy which the corresponding video photographed, questions concentratedly closely about right and wrong going around? In the meantime, junyeong Chung has been stay in U.S.A returned to home country recently at last 12th and the police booked Junyeong Chung on the exemption law violation (the use shooting including camera, and etc) suspicion including the punishment of this day sexual assault, and etc.
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