‘the suspicion it gives support’ triumph · Junyeong Chung and course of investigation?


The attention of the men leans to the course of investigation of among 2 man who the singer Junyeong Chung who is taking a picture of the big bang member victory and sexual intercourse video hit against the foreign investor sexual entertainment suspicion in secret and is hiting against the circulated charge appears side by side in the police in the morning with today, (14 days) and who takes the investigation. The police and coalescing context was due to be captured in these Kakaotalk chatting rooms in which It becomes the start of the problem. The voice in which it worries if these investigations can accomplish properly in the situation where it is raised till claim that ‘the police high level people concerned’ is entering into a connection with these is rising. The Seolmyeonghaet the background which holds the press conference in the Seodaemun-gu in Seoul Migeundong The office of police agency at last 13th and in which the representatives of investigation headquarters, including the Mingamnyong police administrator hold “the suspicion implicated in the high level of the police was being proposed. Therefore the will that it will investigate downright was trying to be revealed” the press conferenceAll. My beach Min director “the inspection ability including internal corruption crime squad, and etc. will be mobilized fully in not only investigation it proceeds now but also room of inspector and the investigation will have been being downright inspected about the suspicion that it was implicated in the police top official” “if the offense or any crime will be there found out, it will have been being regardless of high and low of rank and punishing downright” the powerful willIt attempted. Although, the investigation headquarters admitted that word that it is ‘national Police Agency Commissioner’ is mentioned in the Kakaotalk chat room in which the victory and Junyeong Chung is included. The representative of investigation headquarters is right that ” that sentence comes out. So, it will confirm downright simultaneously in the police with the investigation and added. However, it was once and emphasized as the year 2,016, that is the time, moreover, 3 year agoes, that word that it is ‘national Police Agency Commissioner’ appears in the talk. 2 people are summoned and investigated prior to and the police is the plan that implicated man will step on the stage of secret examination whether these and he will be at the inside at the same time. Is summoned and investigated prior to and the police is the plan that implicated man will step on the stage of secret examination whether these and he will be at the inside at the same time. The plan related to seizure and search warrant could be listened. It seized and searches the Kakaotalk about the part which the conversation about ‘ arrangement of prostitution part comes out and as to people concerned, ” judge issued the warrant. However, the other part into needed to be all looked and on whole was planning to be again issued seizure and search warrant and it explained. The private forensic company restoring the cellular phone of Junyeong Chung with this day in the past was seized and is searched and the police be reported that secure the Kakaotalk dialogue some. It emphasized to be and the policy which it will investigate the content that it put down the past drunk driving of FT island final Korean translation of Chinese character together in these Kakaotalk chatting rooms. As to the representative of investigation headquarters, “there is the content that there was a person and it was the drunk driving concerned about the past that report appears and someone said put down this part” “only, when there is the mention that one people put down among the other man having in the Kakaotalk chatting room where the policeman is not” the police explained. After that, it was the story of the purpose that it was caught by the issue “it is this” drunk driving control which it gets the fine by dealing with ” (drunk driving) formal accident and it prevented that it was afraid if it appeared in the press because of being the entertainer and it asked the other man where there is that place and the report comes out and it explained. Meantime, the wi and Junyeong Chung Yuriholdingseu representative Yoo is the schedule which divides the hour into the afternoon with the morning and in which it undergoes the investigation by police with the Kakaotalk talk. It is the intention of the police that it will take the same day investigation and will reduce the mouth the Mat sinker or possibility of evidence destruction.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747934.htm, 2019/03/14 00:00:05]