The triumph, this time, the overseas expeditionary gambling · arrangement of prostitution suspicion


The group big bang native triumph (29· two wins string) was seized by the overseas expeditionary gambling and overseas expedition arrangement of prostitution suspicion this time. The Sisa Journal reported in SNS conversation of the victory gotten the single “200 million won was gotten in the City of Los Angles in USA Las vegas casino and the photo put the wad of bills the triumph was raised” in the afternoon on 14th. The victory was said according to the news “there can be frequently in the Las vegas” “the save bank is stained and there is the other money in the casino”. As to the save bank, the overseas expedition gamblers operated the money for gambling with the concept like the sort of exchange which the local casino manages. And unconditionally this was known to violate the Foreign Exchange Control Act. The photo of the women, age, job, personality, and etc. the triumph was informed in another SNS which the Sisa Journal reveals to August to the business partner A representative in 2014. The content the victory and representative A was included in 3 night or 3 night, saying that the cost was one per person 10 million won such as grading till ‘price list’, etc. Especially the wi revealed figure which uploaded the photo of the women and just does ‘the competitive show’ with “no. 1 cannot roll and likes the money” “no. 3 has a lot of the talent and it is likely to be good” the representative A. The overseas expedition arrangement of prostitution possibility about the wi was raised as a result. Meantime, it was the Jongno in Seoul p.m. 2 on 14th and attended the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency as the social position of the accused and the victory was said “hang once again head to all that is hurt and damaged and apologize”. After that, he added “it would better participate sincerely in the investigation with the truthful answer than I ask to any kind of words”.
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