The victory-Junyeong Chung-Mr.Yoo and reason why the time lag attends on 14th


The Yuriholdingseu representative baby-sitter Ssi, on 14th, all Banneun the investigation by police with the social position of the accused The singer Junyeong Chung and same day investigation is taken and the curiosity is gathered in this background. Mr.Yoo who is the singer triumph and partner relationship is the central person of ‘the police asking’ case of suspicion. Junyeong Chung hit against the illegal sexual intercourse video shooting and circulation charge attends the police according to the police at 10 a.m. in advance. The triumph is having the attendance ahead at 1 p.m. The Yuriholdingseu Yoo representative who is known with the husband of Hanbyeol Park when being the business partner of the triumph attends after the triumph at 2 o’clock p.m. It is the mouth analyzed as the meaning that it blocks the Mat sinker or the possibility for the simulate on reason dictionary in which Junyeong Chung and wi and Yuriholdingseu representative attends the same day police and which takes the investigation. The context exchanging the sexual entertainment instruction for the overseas investors by Kakaotalk is revealed and Mr.Yoo is booked on the arrangement of prostitution charge at last 10th on 10th. On Junyeong Chung narcotic dosage acceptance and rejection was planning to be together checked. ‘glass’ of the Yuriholdingseu company name where there is Yoo with the representative is the company combining ‘ri’ of ‘yoo’ of Yoo and victory. The police is paying attention to Mr.Yoo as the central person of not only the sexual entertainment case of suspicion but also the police suspicion of corruption case.
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