This promise · Hansohui · number of turns string and TvN new persimmon ‘abyss’ appearance on the stage decision


The actor this promise, Hansohui, and number of turns string joins in the come TvN new TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘abyss’ which May is broadcasted. ‘abyss’ (the script shoe size kite and direction emulsion circle) revealed 14 days “this promise, Hansohui, and numbers of turns string formed the casting after Boyeong Park Anhyoseop this standing with the final decision”. ‘abyss’ is the inversion visual fantasy chasing the homicide whom 2 man and women reviving as the lifetime and 180 degree other ‘the inversion visual’s kill me as ‘the soul I bead’ abyss. This promise changes into ‘the purity forage’ beat iron among the pole. The beat iron is the detective in charge of crimes of violence where there is the charisma. However, it is the person shaken by the node of in which it tells the love woman like the reed. Join in the lady Chang Huichin opposite of the ambiguous identity which Korean-Soviet playing an active part in the drama ‘Langgun of on 100th’ as the since tiller is white last year. When being the fiancee of the Charmin (anhyoseop) among the pole, then Chang Huichin is the Munjejeok character suddenly disappearing with the wedding date. The number of turns string undertakes the prosecutor Seojiuk role and play a role of the mother’s friend’s son whom the flowery path comes on foot. Seojiuk is the character who the justice of the Supreme Court from family of and all-time youngest chief prosecutor is promoted to the Ghose kite (boyeong Park) and Judicial Research and Training Institute synchronism. The drama production crew “if the character which 3 people will act saw once, unique it had the strong sense of presence which it cannot forget and reverse fascination” requested the activity. The abyss ‘ is 5 month broadcasting schedules where it comes.
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