16 hours of triumph and Junyeong Chung 21 hours…”The enlistment of will be played a role.


The wi (the one’s real name two wins string ·29) of the group big bang which hit against the foreign investor sexual entertainment suspicion and attends the police took the investigation which it is over 16 hours and it came home on 15th. The triumph in which this day finishes and takes the investigation to 6 o’clock 14 in the morning finished and took the investigation toward the group of reporters faithfully. The enrollment postponement application is planning to be officially made to the Military Manpower Administration on and after today. If it permitted and gave, figure which will play a role of the enlistment date and which it is sincerely investigated to the end will be displayed, it revealed. “the arrangement of prostitution charge was admitted among the investigation” the lawyer of the triumph explains all ones which are called on “the contact that it got the giving information which is so in the certain press company day before yesterday with the suspicion additionally raised of the wi Ssi against was hit yesterday in the afternoon” ” fact-checking and are know for the question. This press company publishes (giving information). The point which it was not to was referred and it gave an answer. Lee, Yi lawyer revealed “the position will be arranged and told sooner or later about the raised freshly suspicion”. The victory attended the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency as the law breach allegation social position of the accused about the punishment of the action including the arrangement of prostitution, and etc. to 2 o’clock the day before afternoon. It was known to come home to 6 a.m. which the Yuriholdingseu representative baby-sitter Ssi summoned to the day before police goes ahead of the triumph. A Kim Ssi in the Kakaotalk room like the victory finished the investigation of a suspect at night and it came home to 40 minutes at 6 a.m. The singer Junyeong Chung which is on the other hand being investigated for the sexual intercourse video illegal shooting · circulation suspicion (30) the day before, in the morning, about from 10 o’clock, about 21 hours, all Badat the investigationJunyeong Chung gets the charge spreading the doubtful sexual intercourse video as one shot the illegal in the Kakaotalk chatting room, and etc. where there is with the wi. As to He, the acquaintances and several times be reported that share the video and photo such as the Kakaotalk chatting room told in 2015 mentioning the sexual intercourse fact with the women and transmitting the video shooting in secret, etc. With the victim reaching 10 people it is assumed. The images which Junyeong Chung uploads were not most likely to find the motion of the opponent and was the corresponding video photographed, the police be reported that investigate concentratedly the circumstance going around?
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748088.htm, 2019/03/15 07:47:30]