Be right now and at that time, be wrong. The dealing method of going wrong the Yong Jun-Hyung · final Korean translation of Chinese character


This someone was unable to imagine if the movie title of ‘it is right now and the then is wrong’ Sangsu Hong supervision applied to the singer Yong Jun-Hyung and final Korean translation of Chinese character. Previously, 2 people was embroiled in controversy by the illegal video sharing and police asking charge. When all evidences were revealed, then in conclusion, the fault Yong Jun-Hyung and final Korean translation of Chinese character which after denies strongly was accepted. And it was right now. It had the late excuse saying that at that time, it was wrong. The agency FNC entertainment (under FNC) of the final Korean translation of Chinese character presented the report material in the afternoon on 14th and revealed “the final Korean translation of Chinese character decided to secede forever and decides to retire from the entertainment world from the team”. The final Korean translation of Chinese character was caught for the drunk driving by the Yongsan Police Station on Feburary, 2016. The final Korean translation of Chinese character for was asked the police for the blood alchol concentration 0.05% “it is not known to the public (press)”. After him had been sending the congratulation message, and etc. to the birthday of the police in charge and has been maintaining the intimate relationship. FNC denied “the result asking that it confirms from the person checked that fact was not” “when the fine of 2.5 million won and 100 days license suspensions was gotten” the police and adhesion relationship when this fact was known. However, the standpoint was reversed in the day and the charge of the final Korean translation of Chinese character was admitted. The report material was again presented on 14th and FNC was revealed “the intention that it disguises the fact about this case or covers reveals the none clearly” “after going through the verification procedure based on the mutual relationship of trust to the person to the utmost, the position was announced about the part in which the person remembers the thing long ago”. However, the mood of the public opinion about the final Korean translation of Chinese character and agency FNC are cold. The life of the entertainer is folded and it is newly rebuilt into the life of the prisoner and the reaction of ” (jwle****) “just, from the employees in the agency FNC says such and such about the affiliation artist management and training” (yang****) “the Cheok which it was trying to hide the agency Buinhaet person or ~, doesn’t know what with the ~” (bboy****) back is shown. It is the same with Yong Jun-Hyung. He this day, in the morning, all Bahyeot the opinion to withdraw through the agency around earth In order to fully realize ” (yong Jun-Hyung) responsibility and prevent the smear on reputation of the group because of him and secondary damage, the around earth seceded and told the group highlight under the headquarters of a party and consultation by 15 jas on March, 2019. It was pointed out as one people among the entertainer in the organization chatting room which Junyeong Chung makes Yong Jun-Hyung previously. After that, he got to look back at me in the fact that it left ” whether it is true or not at its own SNS and was related to this work and the name was talked once again. The detail that it excluded front and back situation and was mended and is reported was not fact and the cable was drawn. However, the fact that the result of police investigation He watches the illegal video was confirmed. The reason why “the detail that it was unable to understand the issue well when it got company confirmation of truth phone immediately after SBS 8 o’clock news was published on 11th and I was at the Dantok room transmitted me” the official position are changed Yong Jun-Hyung in its own Instagram was revealed. After that, he doesn’t have the occasion getting the video then. However, the other video against has been hit. Besides, it had the improper talk. These all actions were the very immoral actions. I was foolish. This was unable to be the crime and it is unable to regard as the illegal act and thought easefully. Moreover, it recognized as my fault ” to was unable to restrain that determinedly. Yong Jun-Hyung will not want the fans and to Yong Jun-Hyung be disappointed due to ” I that damage goes any more to the members. One it will secede from the group highlight by 15 jas on March, 2019. It reflected. It apologized that it will reflect and will live. Being the change one Yong Jun-Hyung once strongly, the voice of the criticism toward He is not easy. In on-line community and Portal site, the immediately “yong Jun-Hyung ileal cowardice dealt one is seen” (rorn****) ” word be done. The bystander was not and the sympathized was person ” (milk****) “some day, the Mwon bystander it giggles” (qwm2****) ” connivance done? As to I, the thought is not like that the response of the injury ” (ajab****) back. Presently, it was hung on ’emergency’. The assault incident cut the club burning which the victory stays the director inside company makes the enormous wave length While the crime of the idols hiting against many these loves is everywhere revealed, the public disappointment is great. The situation where it is enveloped in the rumor and the besides innocent celebrity is suffering the secondary damage The entertainment world seems to suffer from the long time illness from fatigue as this ‘the gate cut the burning’ case.
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