CNBLUE fan club and this Jong-hyun throwing out request issuing a statement (speciality)


The group CNBLUE fans announced the second statement demanding the throwing out of the member this Jong-hyun. It is one that it will boycott all activities in case the request will not accomplish. CNBLUE pans uploaded about 2 times or the proclamation to this day on-line community DCinside CNBLUE gallery and complained. When the fans don’t accept “the barbarity of one FNC entertainment the lie official announcement is revealed in order to protect this Jong-hyun arousing criticism so far. And it requests in FNC entertainment to weed out this Jong-hyun from CNBLUE” ” this to the statement, allying with the overseas fandom and boycotting CNBLUE all activities afterward. It revealed in advance and revealed. And the fans point out to admit the fact that the summary indictment becomes to the fine 20 million won and illegal volcano share accomplishing in the organization Kakaotalk chatting room and women tooling and disparaging remark as the law violation about this Jong-hyun is over on June, 2016 undisclosed information use which and it pursues the agency profit by the overseas activity in which as in ” stock case time the domestic activity is not. Lacking in discretion FNC entertainment awoke. It urged and demanded CNBLUE secession of this Jong-hyun who is the criminal.
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