‘ Eobenjyeoseu: The end game ‘ trailer opening to the public The domestic, in the end of April, the unsealing decision


The movie ‘ Eobenjyeoseu: Maine trailer of the end game ‘ was revealed. The run alone of the marble seems to continue after ‘the captain marble’ in last March. Eobenjyeoseu: The end game ‘ is the movie drawn the best battle between the surviving Eobenjyeoseu union which It becomes after and last hope of the earth until cries Infinity and Bill run dozen noth. As to trailer, the whole world was simultaneously opened at last 14th at 10 p.m. The splendid lineup can be checked in this chapter from the Iron Man, Torr, black widow, captain America, and Hoke I which is the first year member on the revealed image to the captain marble joining refreshingly in Eobenjyeoseu. “all ones be set up for them leaving in advance” the Eobenjyeoseu which wear the new uniform and which it determines afresh exposes the resolution which is hot in the speech. In the trailer final scene, the scene comes in sight if it puts of the Torr and captain marble. Meantime, the audience was recorded over 28.7 million domestic accumulation and the overwhelming performance power ‘Eobenjyeoseu’ series was shown. ‘ Eobenjyeoseu coming into the spotlight as the masterpiece of the marble studio greatest: The end game ‘ opens the domestic in the end of April.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748096.htm, 2019/03/15 10:40:11]