The Eppikhai Vs Park spring Vs smallpox nothing and ‘dingdong’ sound source strong men


The sound sources revealed to March third weeks are competing the top class in the domestic major 7 sound source site (the melon, genie music, bucks, Naver-music, sound sea, bucks, orle music, and etc) real-time music chart side by side. Till the group smallpox nothing that arrives safely at the chart higher rank every the announcement of a song every time and has ‘the singer that believes and listens’ qualifier and solo singer Park spring which from Eppikhai, rises as ‘the sound source filtering agent’ It gathered in the new albums which this moment is competing constantly now in order to arrive safely at the immovable first place. ◆ Feat the Eppikhai and new album ‘sleepless in ‘ title song ‘ liquor of the Eppikhai revealed on 11th with the melon ‘the first place in the floating’ past is sweet The crush)’ swept 7 major sound source site real-time chart, 1 Wi including the standard melon a.m. 8 on 12th. The title song ‘the liquor is sweet’, monopolizing the chart top from the making public of sound source immediately after not only, ‘in the dawn’ ‘In Seoul (Feat The Son Woochung’ ‘No Different (Feat YUNA) it was the chart caused, the standard lost, three Wi of bucks was arrived safely at the third, three Wi of orle, three Wi of sound sea, and the first place of the Naver-music and there is no large-scale change, the standard ‘ liquor this month everyone ‘ elegy temperate zone tomorrow the back recording songs is maintaining the day the first in the melon chart with 15 still at 10 a.m. The Sleepless In ‘ was composed of seven songs dedicated to these which it is unable to hold up the sleep with the other reason respectively including the nightmare, demonstration, depression, trouble for the tomorrow, and etc. Feat the title song ‘ liquor is sweet All Geuryeot these stories which is unable to sleep due to the pain of the extremely bitter parting and the crush)’ wants the liquor, which it is unable to sleep due to the liquor◆ ‘the return green light’ group two Annie circle singer of origin Park spring came into mind as Park spring and the first as the new sound source filtering agent so that the comeback of about 4 years didn’t may be ashamed. The new musical composition ‘spring’ which at last 13th foil spring announces recorded the domestic 7 main sound source real-time chart (the bucks, orle, sound sea,, Melon, and Naver-music it loses) higher rank. A.m. 10 on 15th, the standard ‘spring’ lost, it was the first place of bucks recorded on the second, the first place of orle, two Wi of sound sea, two Wi of, three Wi of Melon, and twelve Wi of Naver-music. 14th, that is the release next day, was risen to the first in the standard domestic major music chart 5 (the bucks, orle, sound sea, and it loses) real-time music chart at 8 a.m. and the second was recorded in the melon and the return green light was shown. The sound source filtering agent girl group smallpox nothing threatening ‘spring’ of Park spring cannot be ignored. The new album ‘White Wind’ title song ‘the Gogobe hemp cloth’ (gogobebe) which the smallpox nothing brings out was risen to Melon, Naver-music, genie music, and two Wi of orle music including the standard, bucks, and the first place of the sound sea at last 14th a.m. 10 on 15th and the music chart top class was occupied. ◆ the girl group sound source strong man smallpox nothing that it gives a performance the sound source every time that it cuts 1 ‘the negative principle in nature OR example’ ‘you the What ist’ ‘if it is likely to speak in me’ back from the smallpox nothing and ‘the Mitdeut mind nothing’ as a matter of course cannot be ignored. While the smallpox nothing announces the ninth mini album ‘the white wind’, the smallpox nothing is getting the hot reaction from the music chart by the title song ‘the Gogobe hemp cloth’, the day rises the standard ‘the Gogobe hemp cloth’ to Melon, Naver-music, genie music, and two Wi of orle music with 15 including the, bucks, and the first place of the sound sea at 10 a.m. and it kicks the sound source at last 14th. The Tteu top class was occupied. Besides, collected 7 tune entire songs entered the chart and the potential energy as ‘the Mitdeut mind nothing’ was shown off. As to the Gogobe hemp cloth ‘, the strong toxicity which the colorful melody hovers around the ear is the characteristic. The fascination which was honest and confident that it will not cling to the love and thing which it passes into the tune of which can be exciting and feel the cheerful energy the smallpox nothing unique and it will head for the future was contained.
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