The Military Manpower Administration ” triumph delay in joining the army? The official authority, not, the Dwae “


The Military Manpower Administration revealed the sexual entertainment for the foreign investor on the singer wi (29· two wins string) “when there is no legal basis playing a role of the enlistment date with the official authority” hiting against one charge. The night-long interrogation was finished in the Seoul Police Agency’s Metropolitan Investigation Team in the morning on 15th and the victory was revealed with me “the idea to apply officially for the delay in joining the army to the Military Manpower Administration”. After that, he told “if the consent will be given, the appearance which will play a role of the enlistment date and which it is sincerely investigated to the end decide to be presented”. The Military Manpower Administration told to be this day “the plan which when the person applies for the enlistment date smoke because the proprietary in which the enrollment is difficult is in the decided date, examines the whether to postpone according to 129 trillion first paragraph of the military service law enforcement ordinance I”. After that, it added “when there is the case which applies for the enlistment date smoke for the be investigating reason and which it approves”. It has to come to a conclusion in the before, that is the enlistment due date, on 25th and ten days in case the victory applies for the delay in joining the army. The review for the postponement application gets to be taken according to the procedure in Seoul local Office of Military Manpower, that is the jurisdiction local Office of Military Manpower. Generally, the application is possible. And about 2 days is caught in the process. Four unavoidable of the man this outside of which the acting possibility proprietary according to the military service law enforcement ordinance the 129 trillion first paragraph is the disease but the man sharing the generation among the lineal ascendant · direct descendant of the man person whose the transition of the military service is difficult due to mental and physical disorder, spouse, and siblings or family is in a critical condition or he dies and the housework theorem including the care or funeral service, and etc. is difficult if the person is not. It is prescribing as the man, and etc. which is difficult to fulfill the flow channel military service. Meantime, the triumph attended the optical Veterinary Medicine as the social position of the accused at last 14th at 2 p.m. The He “hang once again head to all that is hurt and damaged and apologize” told “it would better participate sincerely in the investigation with the truthful answer than I ask to any kind of words”. The Sisa Journal was seized by the overseas expeditionary gambling of the triumph and overseas expedition arrangement of prostitution suspicion while after He was investigated and the dispute was heavier.
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