The mind heading for ‘the talk sense dance first of the ten celestial stems’ Kim Byeongcheol and Sea Yoon the pack?


In the variety program ‘the Happy Together 4’, Kim Byeongcheol acceded to the article talents dark horse. The KBS2 ‘the Happy Together 4’ (under ‘ Hae two 4’) broadcasted at last 14th was decorated with the drama ‘the doctor freeze hangs out’ feature. In this day broadcasting, two dynes of Nara Kwon and special MC lie management appeared including ‘kim Gwajang’ Min Namgoong and ‘the dads of Castle’ Kim Byeongcheol farthest the soul and the smile with was given the viewers. Although Kim Byeongcheol was among these the article talents first appearance on the stage, the being actively engaged was spread and the eyes was captivated. This day Kim Byeongcheol displayed figure which trembled with the first article talents appearance on the stage and which it is tense. However, as soon as the name of Sea Yoon came out, it induced the smile with smiling figure. Especially Kim Byeongcheol answered altogether as “YES” to the question called ‘it has been robbed by Sea Yoon’ ‘it will do if Sea Yoon and romance Mul offer comes’. Moreover, the unexpected dance skill of was made a boast. ‘the freestyle dance’ matching where was shown and ‘SKY Castle’ subject fitted to ‘We All Lie’ with the farthest the soul and the couple dance was danced. If 20% was over, ‘the doctor freeze hangs out’ audience rating locked the commitment that it will have been practicing the dance with Nara Kwon and 2 dynes. The program is broadcasted every week thursday afternoon at 11:10.
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