‘the produce X101’ center tryout beginning of voting… title song ‘make the’


The survivor program ‘the X101 produces’, that is the telecast schedule, got rid of the veil. The Mnet ‘the X101 produces’ revealed on 15th, “on 10th ‘ which the appearance on a program trainees are over was made, the recording was finished” “the sound source and stage opening to the public work is decided yet”. This day from 12 p.m., in ‘the produce X101’ homepage, the trainee vote to stop at the title song ‘make the’ stage center started. As to the trainees revealed to the homepage, the group work tension native Wooseok Kim, big tone native Byeongchan Choi, Maittin Yoobean Song, and etc. is included. The center tryout PR hits against the service station oil A including these image of 15 trainees which was revealed. The center tryout vote proceeds on 16th until 0 o’clock. Meantime, ‘the X101 produces’ started the camp with the global idol selection project program in the early March. It is planning to be broadcasted only in the first half of this year.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748163.htm, 2019/03/15 16:29:20]