The Sewol ferry.’ appearing in the screenThe bad quality police ‘ birthday ‘


The Sewol ferry appeared in the screen. The Sewol ferry case which the movie ‘the bad quality police’ (the supervision mileage tiger) ‘birthday’ (the supervision this end) happens at April 16th in 2014 is done with the meterial and the special interest against is hit and there is. However, ‘it has the too early’ ‘it is the necessary movie’ etc. many opinions are coming out ahead of the unsealing. The movie ‘the bad quality police’ opening on the coming 20th the commercial movie, primally, all Darwot the Sewol ferry tragedy While could not help be vigilant, Chungbeom Lee supervision revealed in the sensitive theme “it judged than the silence that it was better and made”. The bad quality police ‘ was revealed in the Yongsan gu CGV prior to the unsealing against the reporters at last 13th in advance. While the Sewol ferry story was contained unlike the mood of the movie previously promoted the criminal movie, the mood in which it is surprised so that these attending the trade show didn’t may write was formed. The bribe of the movie is taken care and the irrationality is overlooked and the crime, as to the Sewol ferry tragedy the team fill Ho appears as the criminal where there is the bereaved family and relation as the crime drama in which the instigating bad quality police team fill Ho (the Lee Sun dividing equally) is entangled in the plot of the huge company and which gets wider from here at that time. The Lee, Yi Gamdok “the time to go to the Danwon high school was shocked in 2015 and surely this talk wanted to be written” prepared ” movie near in 5 and is dangerous to deal the Sewol ferry tragedy in the commercial movie. Neverthless, the Sewol ferry wanted to be right talked and it told. In the meantime, it revealed “since planning the scenario, it worried and expected that dispute was”, saying that it was “the movie which the first initial point was the Sewol ferry, it worries if there is any kind of way and is born ‘ bad quality police ‘” this. All Darwot the story of the movie ‘birthday’ opening come April 3rd the Sewol ferry tragedy family It is the talk which it shares the birthday of the son passing away and memory which remaining these keep together at April 16th in 2014. Also the dispute rose from the unsealing with the birthday ‘. In the reason that it makes the case which It doesn’t become the truth ascertainment properly with the feature length film Chongeon Lee director visited ” Yoo families’ council and asked on movie words. It rooted that hes were carefully encouraged and it did well and told. After that, ” movie got to be all made and it gets to suggest altogether in Yoo families’ council with the bereaved families and after listening this opinion, the final rough cut gets to be made. At that time, it told that it took the trouble and thanked really and added. 2 movies got the agreement of the Sewol ferry family altogether and the movie was made but nevertheless the attention of the concern is continuing. Because the hurt can come to the memory of that day having many these hearts a pain. 2 movies are altogether consumed as the other commercial movie, whether the interest is concentrated if It becomes the work which the meaning is deep.
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