‘… till the star in the middle school’ Daeryuk Wang and legal action in the triumph and rumor


It protested strongly the rumor in which the Chinese sphere actor Daeryuk Wang is related to the triumph of the group big bang and gave suggestions to legally answer. The medium of Chinese plurality suggested the suspicion recently if on triumph booked on the suspicion introducing the prostitution was reported and the local netizens drew the photograph in which Daeryuk Wang and triumph is together captured in the club in relation with this in last January and Daeryuk Wang was not related to the relevant case. The agency of Daeryuk Wang the unfounded rumor and rumors related to Daeryuk Wang who is being spread to ” online through the formal We walking at last 14th are not fact in relation with this. It was the common friends and any immoral action was not done with the wi and it revealed. After that, it asks to stop ” spread of false information and distribution and delete. Tough correspondence was notified in advance to be one ” to take the legal action for protecting the rights and interests of the celebrity. Daeryuk Wang visits Korea in order to attend the movie ‘the joky kiss’ press conference on the coming 22nd.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748164.htm, 2019/03/15 16:28:41]