CNBLUE this Jong-hyun, this time, ‘sexual molestation’ suspicion… FNC “the obvious false truth”


The band CNBLUE there was adverse criticism such as exchanging the singer Junyeong Chung and ‘hidden camera’ image, etc member this Jong-hyun who was seized by the alleged sexual harassment this time. The agency FNC “the obvious false truth” denied, this Jong-hyun sexual molestation connection image and writings were spread to 16 days internet communities, SNS, and etc. The character seen like this Jong-hyun in the image inside hit in the concert on the body of the other songstress. The scene in which the relevant singer seems to reject this was contained. The scene which seems to touch the hips of the woman idol member who preceded another image while this Jong-hyun walked to the stage along with CNBLUE members with the hand comes out. The relevant member around and checked the surprised Deut behind. The scene of which after 2 man talks comes out. This Jong-hyun laughs as if he is needless and it shakes. Additionally, the rumor that ‘ this Jong-hyun has the famous girl group and sexual intercourse in roaming one writing has spread widely. With having the sexual relations with the female fans it was famous, the detail was contained and the shock was given. On part which this Jong-hyun is to blame is admitted and the agency FNC of this Jong-hyun is reflecting the agency FNC of this Jong-hyun in relation with this. But the position was revealed to be the schedule ” which corrected on spread of false information of that was vested interest and obvious the netizen and proceeds with the powerful legal action. The display-image quality is low and it is not clear. The line characteristic doesn’t have the direct evidence. However, the look of the doubt is becoming larger towards this Jong-hyun losing the trust by the dispute of the leveling cariopsis already. Previously, this Jong-hyun shared and watched ‘hidden camera’ back video in the Dantok room where there was with Junyeong Chung. The fact that it shares and improper talk was confirmed. The woman passes over him at Junyeong Chung and conversation quickly. If it was not good if there was *** and there was no, then as to Gat, the brother said without hesitation the word which it seems to treat the pretty X’ back women with the things just with 0 with X ‘,’. FNC is done on this “the depth of chest is accepting the indication of the public according to goes wrong my sexual morality and values and this Jong-hyun who is the feeling which is shameful and miserable is making the deep repentance and self-reproach” “it will be careful of all words and deeds as the authorization and will reflect and will expiate a crime “.
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