Daeryuk Wang and someone who the triumph and rumor is seized? …’My Girls’ Generation ‘ performing actor


While Taiwan actor Daeryuk Wang is seized by the big bang the former member triumph and rumor, the curiosity of Korean public toward He is becoming larger. As to previously, recently, Chinese netizens, daeryuk Wang held to draw the photo which it shoots with the victory in the past and He suggested the suspicion if there was not this victory cases and connection. Daeryuk Wang agency the unfounded rumor and rumors related to Daeryuk Wang who is being spread to ” online to the formal We walking are not fact in this on 14th. It was common between friend and any immoral action was not done with the wi and it revealed. Daeryuk Wang made debut with CF taken with Taiwan actor lean good opportunity with 1,991 formers in 2008. It is the performance lower-part western part place on the movie ‘the child titration in time superman’ (2014) with the supporting actor to come out on the activity on a full scale. It appeared as the starring Swi tie role on solder heartburnings movie ‘my Girls’ Generation’ after in 2015 and entered stardom instantly. The movie opened him getting the handsome actor ‘ etc. title of the first love ‘ continent of my Girls’ Generation ‘with’ Asia in Korea and many Korean fan got to be held. ‘my Girls’ Generation’ unsealing public relation difference visited Korea in 2016 and for 1 night and 2 days program were digested. In 2018, solder heartburnings Daeryuk Wang leading role movie ‘the joky kiss’, moreover, it is having the unsealing ahead in Korea on the coming 27th. The starring role of was played in the movie of Taiwan movie ‘the railway protection’ (2016) ’28-year-old minority’ (2016) ‘A Better Tomorrow 4’ (2017) the etc. majority in addition to and Daeryuk Wang had been engaging the steady performance activity. It participated in the ice bucket bounding as the pointing out of the Korean actor Ganghan at June last year. The competent of was come out and He accumulated the friendship with the Chinese drama ‘buy the ear entity Ji grassland desk’ appearance on the stage. Moreover, it came out and was enveloped in the love affair but this is denied, saying that “it is the familiar interval” is this. Meantime, daeryuk Wang is planning to carry out the visit to Korea constant from the coming 21st.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748179.htm, 2019/03/16 00:00:04]