One in ‘the produce X101’ the expectancy and concern


While the interest of the man toward the Mnet survivor program ‘the X101 produces’, that is the first half of this year broadcasting plan, is hot, the participant lineup where it is pointed out as the subject in center at last 15th is revealed and it attracts attention and there is. The netizens are expressing the expectation in “if the Boy group which is the same as wanna Yuan in this was born, it will be good” the comment. The produce X101′ production crew proceeded with the vote which revealed the center candidate one’s own will profile on this day official homepage and in which it selects the title song center till the midnight from noon for 12 hours. The participant from idol who made debut once such as being one multiplication the big tone native most bottle is full of these which the rating which the center candidate revealed this time accomplishes already receives the service station oil A mistake, work tension native Wooseok Kim Ijinhyeok, and Maittin native oil supply which vacant, etc is included with the majority. The netizens are expected. As if the children who the ability is good come out much this time, as to someone comes the river Daniels of 2 ” (sknf***). It will be Na Oh, the audience rating left ” (eoin***) and comment of “everyone fighting is great, as if” (fdkf***) back well and it was the interest toward the season 4 and participants dirty. On the other hand, the person which sends the negative eye line saying that the existing idol who the trainee is not appeared a lot on this season didn’t write. All strings.” the opinion that ‘the X101 produces’, that is the season 4 standing, is fed up the attentionOriginally was the object without reservation not trainee? The second hand article idol be able to make up a special edition just once. As in ‘deo unit’, ramyeo ” title song forms Now, the program Bottom ‘make’ ” (gues***) and “without reservation, ‘ Ppeudyu ‘ had to be finished in wanna circle” (ok65***) one the volume ‘the X101 produces’ started over in the early March camp with the global idol selection project program and started the real production. It is the first half of this year broadcasting schedule.
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