The idol says ‘idol’.


It cannot get the gist easily. Be unexpected if it says as ‘it will flow as expected’. He meeting than him seeing in the screen or TV braun tube in fact was holding the more various fascinations. Even, as in friend, the story was enumerated and the human countenance was fully shown like the professor. It is the talk of the actor Han Suk-kyu. The voice of the bass and quite satisfied talking manner Lead the person oddly. On the movie ‘idol’ (the supervision Lee Su-jin), which Han Suk-kyu who Samchong-dong one cafe meets it is the Jongno in Seoul on 8th has the premiere ahead on the coming 20th slowly, all Ttet.” the mouthAs to ‘idol’, the scenario itself was impressive. The feel that it is overwhelmed by this atmosphere Ireot. The expression that it got pricked by the point after reading was done. The talk subject was really impressive. The metaphors disentangling it and When coming across this scenario for the first time, it thought that it was quite appreciated. The normality is the entrance in which the performer appear to select but the performer faces. The time to see the scenario was really with great care used. The idea that the intention is good was done. It was thankful to Lee Su-jin supervision. However, ‘idol’ was the adventure to Han Suk-kyu. Because of being the subject falling by the public acceptance and dong and work which is not easy because of being the story to be invested with. Too, the scenario said be anticipated when the Il person stopping. Nevertheless, surely Han Suk-kyu was liked this work. When the audiences saw ‘idol’, why did the director that it is Lee Su-jin write down this one? As long as the stupid is not, it is invested with, he is difficult and it is the word. However, it is to be the intention that it would like to draw the aspects of we in the current society. So, ‘try’ was done. It thought that sincerity could go through. Nevertheless, it was the surprise that Han Suk-kyu undertakes the clemency time role of ‘idol’. The clemency time is the character who there are no one of a pair among the pole to be cowardly. The provincial member of which the respect and prestige is close as much as the clemency time is discussed in the kick provincial governor candidate However, it gets to be at the end of ropes while the son is implicated in the traffic accident. He has been being the irrevocable evil conduct. The clemency meeting was cowardly, therefore Han Suk-kyu said select the art. The cowardly human wanted to be once done. The performer called my image and Han Suk-kyu Due to change was not. However, our audiences were the mind whether it how is if due to change thought once of its own attitude through my that attitude. And then, if it saw, the cast in which Han Suk-kyu is soft so far was not one case. All Ppyeolchyeot the acting which is strong in the work which there is a lot of ‘prison’ ‘white Night’ ‘this in the eye this in the eye’ ‘the Gutta motivators’ ‘forbidden Quest’ ‘scarlet letter’ ‘U.S. Sseomding to be the place’ back However, the garden which is made the vivid personal appearance in ‘Wolui 8 Christmas’ heart fringe photo studio is deeply stuck in still many these in memories. And many these ‘idols’s came to him. The product was talked and Han Suk-kyu smiled for the interview in the memory coming into mind suddenly. It worried and the various looks were shown. Because of it wondered whether He was suddenly someone and asking, it gave an answer “everyone not had been seeing me for a long time” “this appearance may be not man called I”. The human inner surface is delicately drawn and on ‘idol’ the glory is talked. ‘idol’ is any kind of existence to Han Suk-kyu. It is the someone. The man giving the influence that it is the most in me is the mother. As it does if it thinks, it feels more like that. Since I hired 6, it took to the theater and the mother made travel. It can see that abundant most including the tone of voice which I tell, sensibility, and etc. is the effect of the mother. There are the father and brothers but the mother is the stronggest. Until it came to the seat so far, Han Suk-kyu entering the car with the debut in 30 said be the process which is not easy. It is him that it underwent many trial and errors. The unexpected come out of the mouth of the veteran actor word approached freshly. At first, it thought maybe that It became the subjective actor. But that is not. How the smoke reacts, it is important. Finally, what my reaction is the action It took the time. It is the Ji which it will be 1 degree like that and it thinks to react lived one and go on living. It is different in the response the same action. The respect Kyongkoo Seol and Cheonuhui whom it appears together is Neukkyeojindarakka this time. It was the colleague performer of about which it can respect. This will know why this friends will act.
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