‘the last of the gold phone’ and WHO’S NEXT?


The, now, the next person who? In Kakaotalk, the secret talks divided thoughtlessly exposed to the world. It became blatantly the large-scale crime as much as the hundred and this talks which thought as such to be still the amusement appeared the country. Till Yong Jun-Hyung beginning with the wi and Junyeong Chung, final Korean translation of Chinese character, and this Jong-hyun The contour of the chat room is showing gradually. Now many these interests is ‘the next someone approval’. The illegal movie is shared or who is it who this existence is being well known? Probably these are sending the day after day which it is unable to accomplish well to the anxiety. The method to cut the tail in which it denies the charge including line Geut, and etc. The various everyone In the variety program, because when, the negative issue comes out when being familiar, indiscrminately it washes hands. However, finally the shape admitting the fault is repeated. The netizens laid off figures continuously send the look of the doubt in these explanations which is being indicated. One person is the group highlight native Yong Jun-Hyung in order to cut the tail first. I at got to be once again looked back in the fact that Yong Jun-Hyung left for ” whether it is true or not and it was related to this work and the name was talked. The detail that it excluded front and back situation and was mended and is reported was not fact and the cable was drawn. However, the fact that the result of police investigation He watches the illegal video was confirmed. He says secede from the group highlight which it is together from the debut. The following is the final Korean translation of Chinese character. It denied rapidly with Yong Jun-Hyung and sameness through the agency FNC entertainment (under FNC). FNC was done “it was the between which gets into communication because there was the acquaintance with the pertinent performers evoke much criticism with the current society. This case and connection reveals the none clearly”. However, when reporting the fact that SBS participates in the Kakaotalk conversation of the final Korean translation of Chinese character, then the standpoint was reversed and the entertainment world news of retirement of the final Korean translation of Chinese character and FT island secession news of was given. It is this Jong-hyun denying to the end. However, it was him at one’s wits end in the front of evidence. When it reported that SBS was one people among Junyeong Chung Kakaotalk chatting room member, then the view was reversed and the agency FNC acknowledged the fault of this Jong-hyun. FNC “the depth of chest is accepting the indication of the public according to goes wrong my sexual morality and values and this Jong-hyun is making the deep repentance and self-reproach” tells “it will be careful of all words and deeds as the authorization and will reflect and will expiate a crime and” and is getting the public scolding. Especially FNC reverses the final Korean translation of Chinese character and this Jong-hyun 2 times or the position and ‘it is not to cover the one’s own family’ for, A’s opinion is connected. The netizen is doubting many people while the chatting room join people are revealed everyday. Being the singer Geekko and Edikkim and Ro lap it is the actor Choettaejun. In the reason why it is well known as Junyeong Chung and close friend usuallyGeekko told through its own SNS on 13th to be “the cellular phone related episode which I mention in the broadcasting doesn’t have the relation with the case which this is scandalous at all” “the situation where the contact address list of the acquaintances was all and it is old that I see in the relevant cellular phone. Also whether also whether it gets into communication privately or not or not”. After that, it added “the rash guess will be refrained and the firmness will be dealt with the vested interest comment and spread of false information”. However, the response of the netizen is different. It is the reaction that it is “one which it was know even if it was not concerned”. Especially being the Edikkim and Ro lap Choettaejun is the close friends which are very famous with Junyeong Chung. In many variety programs, their friendships was well dirty. As much as that, it is these powerfully pointed the most out as the Kakaotalk room member. The netizen “the friends are all similar in the feel” (fkdk****) “if it will say be like that and the tentative all activities say be stopped because you were to blame later”(into****) “the real close friend is this Jong-hyun Yong Jun-Hyung Ireonaedeuriani and is the Edikkim Ro lap, the mention is designed and the real close friend is quiet, Yaene is clearly in this Dantok room. However” (hyeb****) “the reasonable doubt the amusement might get cool in the broadcasting it tried this way the broadcasting stop just now Geekko Choettaejun unscrewwed one’s joining” (miya****) “it plays in groups”(wjdw****) the reaction of the back is shown. Meantime, the night-long interrogation was finished at last 15th and the triumph and Junyeong Chung came home. As they submit the cell phone like ‘pandora’s box’, the large-scale storm seems to blow violently.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748186.htm, 2019/03/16 14:00:04]