The Nayong seat PD ‘spanish boarding’ and starting… Cha Seongwon · the harmful battle formation · Chungnam Bae ‘fantastic harmony’ of the good condition


9.9% and audience rating of the average 7.6 % (nielsen Korea charge platform national standard and under equivalent) were most recorded on 15th first broadcasting which sat up the TvN which the Nayong seat producer makes and which the variety program ‘spanish boarding’ is over and the anchor was smoothly raised. The landlord of a boardinghouse Cha Seongwon · harmful battle formation · Chungnam Bae made a boast of the fantastic harmony and especially the expectation was raised. The format of Spanish boarding is the bed and warm content that it treats the food to the pilgrims who the cast passes by the pilgrimage. In the first broadcastings, the Cha Seongwon · harmful battle formation · Chungnam Bae was left for the town ‘the Bier ox FranciscoVilla franc car part’ which Spain located in the pilgrimage is small. There was there ‘alber crab’ (the offer the bed in the price which is cheap to the accommodation located in the various places of village which Santiago pilgrimage reached about 800km is over to the pilgrims and meal) in which for them, the owner will be. These got ready for the readiness for the next day cooking immediately. It decided as the bowl of rice topped with pork and seafood ramen, and etc. it went out to see the place. The Cha Seongwon showed the major cooking material the red fish and thorough preparation as Spanish in advance. 3 people revealed the excited inside atmosphere ‘chemie’ and purchased many ingredients and he came back. 3 men worked through the thorough role division so that the work could proceed smoothly. The harmful battle formation saw the place and installed the purchased bell. The Cha Seongwon cooked and Chungnam Bae assisted. The Cha Seongwon showed the cooking skill which the level is high. The experienced harmful gin and Chungnam Bae praised this highly. When the night grew late, then one glass of liquor was tilted simply and 3 people shared the expectation of the opening (?). The Cha Seongwon first leaving can dump the breakfast for the other colleagues. The colleagues experiencing the menu including the bean paste pot stew, and etc. admired “it is really tasty”. The boarder was right, 3 people came out on the preparation immediately The harmful gin made the hanger of drying clothes with the preparation for cooking such as seeing Jang additionally., etc the sign was installed. On a full scale, all Chaat the customer 3 people of the lodgings The first customers were Korean male. The first customers saw 3 people and was surprised. These greeted the customer gladly. The Cha Seongwon treated the Korean food made sincerely. The foreigners appeared in the broadcasting the end as the hotel guest and the curiosity for the next week broadcasting was raised. Spanish boarding of which the breathing of 3 men of the scenery of Santiago pilgrimage and this inside, various nationality, and men of the personality appear seems to present the pleasure more than one treating the cooking just and beautiful atmosphere to the viewers. Spanish boarding is broadcasted at every Friday night at 9:10.
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