The passionate love middle with the Kangnam · Lee Sang-Hwa marriage premise? … Lee Sang-Hwa agency “among the confirmation”


While the love affair of the singer Kangnam and speed skater Lee Sang-Hwa was reported, the position that the agency “among the confirmation” was told, why 16 days Lee Sang-Hwa agency this buoy NT people concerned revealed in the call “there is no to tell from the person yet and listen about the love affair of Kangnam and Lee Sang-Hwa” “the whether it is true or not is checked”. As to previously, this day market news, kangnam and Lee Sang-Hwa reported the marriage as the premise as the passionate love middle. The trip to Japan was together taken recently that it appeared together in the broadcasting from last year and 2 people made the good meeting according to the medium and the date was enjoyed in the city. Meantime, 2 people appears together on SBS variety program ‘the law In last Indian Ocean of the jungle’ last year.
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