The Yellow River or this gate cutting the burning and rumor diffusion ‘concern’ without the friendship reillumination… Geungeo


Claim is very close to the situation those involveds who it goes out of the sulfur Ha which it is known with the one’s granddaughter of Namyang Dairy Product founder Doyeong Hong honorary president to the public when being the whole sweetheart of the group JYJ member and actor Yoochun Park, cut the burning including Moonhoh Lee representative, and etc. called between is proposed and the eyes is. The word which ‘hidden camera’ and ‘narcotic’ back are provocative is contained with the insistence called the relationship of those involveds who it goes the sulfur Ha out through SNS and internet community to the text spread recently, cut the burning including Lee representative, triumph, and etc. and seed. The photo which it goes out of the sulfur Ha to the eagle, it takes with Lee representative, and etc. which it posted on SNS in the past goes up together. Only, claim of the eagle doesn’t have the credibility. Writing this was making the id with SNS of the Yellow River nearly similarly and the negative gossips about the Yellow River are being continuously produced. The photo, and etc. which it went out of the sulfur Ha, it uploaded in the past were together attached but it is the situation without the direct evidence that it went out of the sulfur Ha by thises, it was implicated in the situation which it cuts the burning. By any possibility, the repulsion that it goes out of the sulfur Ha without any relationship, it hits against the damage is raised. It belonged in the rich family and the life of Yoochun Park who is the famous men and Yellow River, it promised the marriage and which broke off the match and which the name is known and etc. had been becoming the gossip to many thises. The writing which seems to disclose on rough SNS whether it was the anonymous someone or not was uploaded some days ago and it erased. Because of hammer out the plan in which “one man can meet in the wrong way and undergo the particular thing all” ” manager and company and his family makes me into the harmer, one Hwang held. However, it revealed that It would not become me like that. It insisted that rough relevant opponent man committed the crime including the prostitution, animal abuse, violence, fraud, and etc.
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