To Junyeong Chung movie and ‘it takes and is unfortunate’ you


“is the movie holding you because of being the reporter?”While the case against the singer Junyeong Chung who is taking a picture of the sexual intercourse movie in secret and is hiting against the circulated charge and wi group booked on the foreign investor arrangement of prostitution charge by the police is the every day hot issue, it is the Kakaotalk message which it suits the acquaintance. The Korean mattress of the dialogue is like this. One that it is the place which is moreover ‘the movie of the problem’ that it was to ‘this floor information’ be well known and Junyeong Chung took a picture, it shares the reporterBecause of when being the > man, it thought if the disappointment and anger was shown and the reply was sent, ‘the friend interception’ was just beat and it kept silence. It was due to remember that day when Junyeong Chung case comes up onto the water surface and keyword ranking the Portal site search word higher rank all day long are ‘junyeong Chung movie’ ‘junyeong Chung movie woman’ ‘junyeong Chung image hero’. The bad rumor related to this after the fact that Junyeong Chung took a picture of the illegal image was known spread naturally around on-line. So called, the milt city called ‘junyeong Chung video list’ is like that. The second victim of this case came no reason to the stars putting the name as the image star whom Junyeong Chung takes a picture. Positively these were drawing the cable that it explained or the writing satisfied with the anger was uploaded on SNS and the fact was not. However, it was the behind where it is connected by the serious damage to image. This case is mentioned as the issue which is shocking than this what kind of case · accident where there was in the entertainment world so far and is big as much as it is called as the victory gate ‘. Because, the various crime including the narcotic, prostitution, hidden camera, adhesion relationship with the power, and etc. ‘the triumph gate’ case is tied up. The interest of the men about ‘the object photographed on the movie’ and curiosity are among others hot in the case of Junyeong Chung case which acts and shoots this in secret, that is not only people but also fellow celebrity and grade. The thought large-scale mistake is committed in the board which is not enough even if it concentrates on the essence of the case to be included to the profile of the victims into the essence of the case. Furthermore, the look of ‘there was no luck’ the sympathy is sent putting the wi this Jong-hyun Yong Jun-Hyung final Korean translation of Chinese character, and etc. ‘it took so that there can be no luck’ is one. The motion picture shot in secret is classified as ‘porno movie’ simply and “the song for ㅂㅈs” and “it violates in the difference. Then” pass over the woman quickly. It mentions about SamllTalk ‘ dividing the obscene talk which the back they divides by X like O among ‘ man and is the word. Merely the singular point of Junyeong Chung case will be not in that the meterial that it is ‘porno movie’ had been being dealt like the light joke in the variety program, broadcasting, and etc. The numerous star made ‘the color drip’ and ‘porno movie’ the smile meterial in the various programs so far. However, there was no occasion which raised the problem in relation with this or makes the publicization. The only it was the still natural thing, which laughed and which it made a noise Because the conduct objected the women from the Eonjen edge melts naturally, the responsibility of our together which is unable to recognize this is big. One which commercializes the colleague who the global stars have not the several hundred of thousand fans with the hundreds and thousands work together with the women and which makes metaphoric and which they ridicule One which is deficient with that and takes a picture of the image in secret and leaves ‘anaphase’ The place which is ‘the conversation of the man’ and regarding this is one expressed insignificantly ‘one which it takes is unfortunate’ same connectionTo hang the face and voice openly and remain “it thinks that it was in trouble”, the porno movie would like to be watched. We are the time which has to worry seriously from the now and when it has to think with the mind and on the power ‘ of ‘ He it is likely to understand, it would like to run by the friend it can tell.
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