It takes to ‘money’ as taken to the narcotic.


The formula of the cliche that it is blind with the money and calls the anger It is the story of the movie ‘money’. Nuri Park director drags the story of this common setting sprucely and ingeniously. It is common but is not common. It is likely to but 1 second, 1 minute is not missed not to be tedious and the fun is inspired. All Geuryeot we story which it is putting the story of the Korean Wall Street in Yeouido grandly but it takes off from the money, and it cannot deduct the movie ‘money’ in fact The looks in which the new stocks broker sun in the morning string (the Ryujun heat) who is the common man watches the Taste Of Money and which is changed builds the consensus. It looks back how we are expecting the moneyThere is the concern in which the stock, finance, Yeouido stock street, and etc. is the meterial and which not be difficult to follow the movie but it is needless in fact. The coach Park made the financial circle (?) movie which is easy to understand with the time making certain the pruning. Because our every day is spread on the throughout the movie, as to interesting reason, the money ‘ is. Because the movie was not to deal the story of the stock market and it focused on each character placed at one case, it is the interest doubled. Jaeyeong Kim, Mansik Chung, circle eutherian, Kim Min ash, Chongsu Kim, and etc. playing a role of this make a boast of the high synchronous rate However, the predictable and commonplace development is a pity. The exaggeration is not even if the money ‘ says as the handyman show of the Ryujun row. He who appears in 60 time round among the total 67 time round and has been leading the movie is unstable with the purity, pleasure, fury, and fidgets. It melted naturally in the feeling various oves the sun in the morning string including the appearance, opening eyes in the despair and desire and etc. Therefore, it gets to import naturally to the sun in the morning string. Yu Ji-tae undertook the role of villain in ‘money’ after the movie ‘the Saba Ha’. Overwhelm him undertaking the character number ticket role which it is mysterious the screen with the existence. It maintains to be composed in any kind of danger. Develop the curiosity for him as the attitude which even it makes in the easy and graceful micro. Yu Ji-tae formed the number ticket and glutinous rice cake. The hound Korean paper iron station of Financial Supervisory Service which makes the encounter and is cheerful even when also being sharp was well carried out. One iron bar role including the nature, threat and sympathy, direction, and etc. is drawn in three dimensions and human it is tenacious the movie is more and more abundantly made. There are the actors concentrating among these. It has the actor Jaeyeong Kim and circle eutherian. Jaeyeong Kim undertook the sun in the morning string and reasons for joining a company fellow soldier Seong role. As to He, the family · spec · appearance painted the excel fellow soldier castle altogether so that there can be the stability. The change in acting style was properly done in ‘money’ which the circle is well known. All strings.’ the attention He undertaking the woman broker station expresses as the woman of the sexy feel there is the decisivenessThe money ‘ opens on the coming 20th. The length in seconds 115 minutes It is 15 years old watchables.
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