… the arrogant looks is sexyThe shined genie ‘


The girl group black pink member genie boasted the unchallenged ‘the seduction U.S’. Genie attended in the Beauty brand ‘heLa black foundation’ launching commemoration photo event which is held in the Seoul Gangnam-ku kunsthalle at last 14th afternoon. This day genie boasted the beauty of leg lines for all black microskirt fashion with the black high heels. It painted with the ruddy pink and the lips emitted special ‘sex appeal’ of genie against the outfit fitted with the black. Moreover, the hair was sprucely passed over to the both behind the ear and the pretty head of the system or peculiarity and the jaw line was shown. The waist was emphasized with the coat and the costume emphasizing the beauty of leg lines was suffered due to the bottoms and the arrogant look was made for the group of reporters and ‘the girl group visual’ of was made a boast. Meantime, the black pink system or the executive director pear, consonance, this conversion, Yunggee Kim, Kim Kibeom, Sinjaehyeok, Kanghui, Kim Hyun gin, Minhoh Cho, Woojae Choo, Ttaeeun, and foil praised in this day event, the back attended and the seat was honored.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748173.htm, 2019/03/17 00:00:02]