The netizen cheer…” in the Lee Sang-Hwa ♥ Kangnam passionate love newsGood looking men and women “


While the athlete Lee Sang-Hwa and singer Kangnam acknowledges the passionate love, the congratulation reaction of the netizen toward 2 people are continued. Lee Sang-Hwa agency headquarters this NT presented the report material at last 16th and admitted the passionate love of 2 people. 2 people was confirmed according to the agency as the between meet the good feeling from 5~6 months. It appeared together on TV shipbuilding variety program ‘living in one house’ and SBS variety program ‘the law In Last Indian Ocean of the jungle’ last year and Lee Sang-Hwa and Kangnam accumulated the friendship. In this day every kind on-line Portal site and community, the comment of the netizen who sends the message of the cheer and congratulation even when being surprised at the passionate love news of 2 people ran. It becomes the happy couple. ” (suns****) “the happy meeting is continued” it roots(pgdc****) One which one in which the young youths fall in love is natural It will meet well and will see, ” (xyu2****) would better go well. Fighting(skar****) “it is the unexpected combination but do the love which the en is beautiful” (kyj8****) ” Kangnam is good. Why, there is good looking men and women ” (choi****) “it is likely to become the cheerful couple” (tear****) back in which 2 is well far with the Eoullineun outlet. Meantime, Lee Sang-Hwa is the Vancouver Winter Olympics and 2,014 the Sochi Winter Olympics 500m the gold medalist interest and speed skater wining 500m silver medal in the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Game last year in 2010. Kangnam, in 2011, the group MChildIt debutted as the rain (M.I.B) into the entertainment world and appears on ‘the law of the jungle’ ‘living in one house’ ‘hit man’ etc. majority variety program.
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