The Ryujun row and person than ‘money’


‘the Sojun heat’ It is the nickname which says work like the small and the Ryujun heat sticks. Because, the Ryujun heat got to be met after the unit of measure solder heartburnings movie ‘the half of Ppaeng’ after the White heat months with the audience in last January. However, it was his explanation that there was the large-scale meaning, it was 8 days Jongno in Seoul and this ‘money’ met the Ryujun row where it has the premiere of the movie ‘money’ ahead in the Ppalpandong one cafe. It was bright and the chattiness was shaken and the right He “the people who are unable to see in ‘ half of Ppaeng ‘ serve” made the reporter the atmosphere with the bright tendency jollily. The Ryujun heat bore the dream which the richman would like to be in the movie against and kept the new stocks broker sun in the morning string advancing into the Korean Wall Street in Yeouido. He leads the movie from the start to the end. Even if it says as the handyman show, the specific gravity taken possession in the Ryujun notch in ear movie is big as much as the exaggeration is not. The relative importance of the character is heavier than the other movie. However, this film was made and ‘the fun made the movie is this one’ was realized. The good men meet and it tells. The movie would better go well. It concentrated to do the current movie and make the good memory. The feel that it has been making the movie altogether was great. While the character that it is the sun in the morning string which He ins charge of gets to watch the Taste Of Money, the changes of the state of mind gets to be undergone. It gets to be negligent to the men who are near. It is blind with the greed and misses to be valuable. It became curious suddenly. The Ryujun heat, too, the passenger of a sung gets to be taken as the actor and it was thinking about being not to listen to the story and ‘it was changed’ is the word in the around. The story that it was changed was held in the initial stage. The talk which I would like to install is different in the point separately from that. The idea that the human has to be continuously changed gets. The word that it is the first intention is important. In spite of being the good word, does the human have not to be changed to the better side? The word is romantic but ‘it is constant’ is the meaning which is not good with one volume to be constant in the other meaning. It have as it is but the human is changed, and the first intention is not good. The movie ‘money’ is indeed the story about the money. The sun in the morning string is unable to use drastically in touching the large-scale money of the amount. The sudden rich expressed in the other work pays the end that it uses mostly with elation and the life goes broke and the dolly the sun in the morning prefecture does this and grain in ‘money’. One called the so bold person the Ani The Ryujun heat told “so, it is not sympathized more”. Ilhyun seems to be the man who is unable to use that man whom the money tries on writes down. But the fool is not and if it made money, it uses with elation, it doesn’t have the tomorrow in fact. If the scene which said as the movie and which it uses just now was included, rather, it thought that there was no sympathy. Rather, it focused on the human relation getting wider. The Ryujun heat interviewed and emphasized to be poisonousness precious of the human relation. He told “when it is important to regard worthwhile the men who are near”. It is the most difficult in fact when it is natural to be good to the men who are near. It is the part in which it worried even before making debut and it is truly difficult to treat the nice man well. The representative example is rude to the parents. It thinks to be the most cautious to it is used, be natural. It was the relationship with the surrounding personages that I take part at this film the most much. He is famous with the splendid personal connections. The Ryujun heat becomes a hot issue with the friendship including the member of the national team soccer player Heungmin Sohn, global Idol group exo, and etc. Since It becomes the topic, it seems to be splendid and there is no much familiar entertainer in fact. The personal connections is narrow. Be much shy around strangers and I can meet the village friends in the idle time mainly. If the new person is, he seems to be lanky and it seems to be difficult. Do the Cheok which is not shy around strangers. There is not specially the personal connections. ‘the richman would like to be’ the sun in the morning string has a dream in the movie. As to the Ryujun heat “the dream It becomes the good actor”. This dream which I have wanted to be not hit or success and that impression. That follows the money naturally. For example, ‘get through the hit’ goes well in the restaurant and the meaning that It becomes the great manager and great cook is not if Beolla is much the money the meaning. For this, the man more first that it gets through the hit before I am the great manager. ‘money’ is having the unsealing a period ahead on the coming 20th. The condition where however solder heartburnings movie ‘the captain marble’ is monopolizing the movie market at last sixth He showed “the natural phenomenon is thinking about being not as to the market principle” the fairly calm reaction. There is the wind which only the Korean movie wanted to go well. Although our movie is not, when the Korean movie opening together stuck to the foreign currencies, the consolation would be come to gain the good grade. The actors working in Korea are likely to think like that all. The life where there is the man on the money, warm consideration looking around the surroundings, and good actor This seemed to be the way of the life which the Ryujun heat pursues. He told “if it works with this man who acts well just and doesn’t end, it is happy and is interesting. It would like to become the man whom the belief goes”.
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