“here and there, the sound of crying”.’The sincerity included in the birthday ‘


How much was not passed whether the movie started with how much and the theater was without a break full of the sound of crying. It is unable to consider their feelings little more the grief and sigh has been explode seemed to flow out here and there. The media pear suddenness social atmosphere of the movie ‘birthday’ was quiet. The media pear suddenness social atmosphere of the movie ‘birthday’ was and heavy, the media distribution trade show of the movie ‘birthday’ (the supervision this end) and press conference was held in 18 days Yongsan gu CGV Yongsan child Park mall. The actor Kyongkoo Seol, conduction kite, and Chongeon Lee director attended. When the trade show ended and the actors and director revealed shape, then the sound of hand clapping was here and there heard. As to previously, ‘birthday’, there was a lot of the eye line of the concern from the unsealing. As to ‘the being too early is not’, these who are abundant in the news that the cold pole movie is the Sewol ferry manufactured as the meterial were due to make the voice against. While the story that it asked for the permission to the manufacture at the time and some bereaved families came out and, there was adverse criticism. As much as that, it was more vigilant until ‘birthday’ was revealed. Isn’t chongeon Lee director “the Sewol ferry bereaved family person concerned got but ‘ birthday ‘ wanted to put our story” the work coming to the men? It wanted to make serenely and how to make our every day it told. The various part oves the Sewol ferry the movie is put. Till the conflict of the relations with family members from the bereaved family undergoing the tragedy, conflict between surviving families, and degree of fatigue of the people looking at the Sewol ferry bereaved family It put to soak into our everyday due to the Sewol ferry tragedy and to be trivial the mind was investigated. It was not easy in fact to select the art which it opens the actor Kyongkoo Seol and conduction. The voice of the concern and dispute was due to be anticipated. Kyongkoo Seol had ” trouble. It became the schedule where it can take a picture of the time this film to get ‘birthday’ scenario with Wan. The book was read and it changed mind, even by means of mediating “***” schedule, it seemed to have to do and told. In the meantime, the poet wrote the poem after He had ” tragedy. The novelist wrote the novel. The singing man made a song. It was the man making the movie and there was the problem, that is the tidal, but the idea called ‘why there was no’ got to enter, about “***” a week got to be worried and it gets to participate in this work and we explained. The conduction kite declines ‘birthday’ once. The He “the sorrow withered up in the thought the cursor ‘ could be so handled” revealed the reason why it participates in the work. Especially, the conduction kite blushed here and there edge of an eyelid as if the aftertaste of the movie didn’t go. He was very scary until He took ” in front of camera. As soon as it seemed not to force by oneself to had to concentrate on this feeling, or “***” was not, if it was right, as it was right, I thought to do as much as feel from this moment in front of camera and acted and told. Kyongkoo Seol and conduction kite is kept time in the movie ‘I will be good if there was the wife’ 18 years ago. The second opinion breathing was fitted after ‘birthday’. Kyongkoo Seol is whether the scenario was gotten for the first time and one asked sent the book to ‘ Doyeon Jeon Ssi or not. For about ten days was really good because it listened doing ‘it will be poor’ and it was frustrated, there was “***” for about ten days and it took out in the CEO of the manufacturer ‘just Doyeon Jeon is likely to install’ and the sequel to story of was given. 2 people the veteran actor, steadily, all Ppyeolchyeot the couple acting it is almost, the breathing of the year 18 Kyongkoo Seol and conduction kite for was asked the audience again. As to Kyongkoo Seol, “‘ birthday ‘ is the talk which consoles the man who the hurt man is hurt and which he gets the consolation. If many people came and it consoled and the comfort was gotten and the large-scale power was made into small one wave, it will be good, he told. When making ” this movie, the movie which the conduction kite makes to have a pain is not. It regarded as the movie that it stepped, it overcomes the pain, the strength and cheer which it will go on living wanted to be inspired to “***” all bereaved family and it asked. The birthday ‘ is the talk shared the birthday of the son passing away and memory which remaining these keep together at April 16th in 2014. Open come April 3rd.
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