… ‘the case which the elder unscrews’ clarification of truth strength was gotten it was YooThe thank ” it hangs head to president Mun


It showed appreciation towards the president Mun Jae-In that gives an indication in relation with the case which came and goes the actor king’s words and which the high (late) elder unscrews to investigate the truth downright. The king’s words wrote on Instagram on the coming 18th and the luck was taken off “thank truly for the thing like the miracle accomplished with the national petition”, saying that it was “it became to listen to the happy news from the witness all defense counsel”. Sincerely, only the truth it had been being like that till now the best was run out as a person of the Korean citizen which doesn’t give up the nationality yet the truth was revealed after that, “it got to have the hope that the old days which it walks to the only witness stating consistently can exhibit the power at last in 10 years for the first time” ” truth didn’t sink under the water It will testify and informed. Finally, it told and the hash tag called ‘the # is inspected, the # president Mun Jae-In # national petition # is appreciated, it is the # clarification of truth # witness # Yoo’ was added. Previously, Kim spokesman of the Blue House revealed this day “it gave an indication to the president Mun Jae-In hold the briefing in the Korean “oval office” of Cheong Wa Dea in the afternoon on 18th and hit against the report about the case which the elder unscrews and case which it cuts the villa sexual entertainment suspicion of the former Ministry of Justice vice-minister of Kim Hak and club burning and set up the one’s fate of the prosecution and police and investigate the truth downright”. Presently, the clarification of truth about the case which leaves the will of the detail that Jayeon Jang who is the new actor was forced into the banquet and sexual entertainment from the influential men in this coming 2009 at that time and it suffered the abuse and beating and commits suicide is asserted. It is the only witness siting at the time banquet which it visits the king’s words. The case ‘ re-investigation which the case ‘the publics in which the prescription of prosecution is March end, and that climb the king’s words. And that begin and that are many’ elder opening the elder unscrews is demanded. This day actor Koo Hyeson uploaded the writing expressing Jayeon Jang as ‘the beautiful man’ with the drama KBS2 ‘the man than the flower’ steel appeared in Instagram with Jayeon Jang in the past and mentioned the indirect case and supported.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748355.htm, 2019/03/18 19:30:39]